Be your own kind of beautiful with this Swedish beauty brand offering makeup, tools, and colored lenses for every occasion and mood. SWATI believes there should be no limits to beauty because it has no defined standard. That’s why they’re on a mission to develop products that allow you to express your own kind of beauty. Free from whatever box that norms, gender, and genetics try to put you in. Swedish at heart, but with a global perspective, we’re on a relentless pursuit of style, quality, and ease of use. Keep an eye out for future innovations from SWATI.

SWATI (26)

Honey 1 Month Coloured Lenses
Ergonomic Eyelash Curler
Turquoise 1 Month Coloured Lenses
Pearl 1 Month Colored Lenses
Bronze 1 Month Coloured Lenses
Sandstone 6 Months Coloured Lenses
Tourmaline Lash + Brow Booster Serum
Aquamarine 1 Month Coloured Lenses
Turquoise 6 Month Coloured Lenses
Sapphire 6 Months Coloured Lenses
Faux Silk Sleeping Mask
Jade 1 Month Coloured Lenses
Honey 6 Months Coloured Lenses
Jade 6 Months Coloured Lenses
Aquamarine 6 Month Coloured Lenses
Sandstone 1 Month Coloured Lenses
ONYX Lash Booster Mascara
Bronze 6 Months Coloured Lenses
Pearl 6 Month Colored Lenses
Sapphire 1 Month Coloured Lenses

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