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By Kilian is a niche French fragrance brand founded by Kilian Hennessy, grandson of the famed LVMH group’s founder. The brand’s storytelling scents are inspired by the founders memories from dark cognac cellars to elegant Parisian evenings from his childhood, creating a range of sophisticated products that embody uncompromising luxury and elegance. Today, the brand has over 35 scents made in collaboration with renowned perfumers in the industry.

Kilian (49)

Intoxicated 50ml
Moonlight In Heaven Shower Gel 200ml
Moonlight in Heaven 50ml
Moonlight in Heaven travel Set
Dark Lord EX TENEBRIS LUX 50ml
Woman In Gold Hair Mist 50ml
Good Girl Gone Bad by KILIAN 50ml
Love, don't be shy 50ml
Pearl Oud 50ml
Black Phantom MEMENTO MORI 50ml
Musk Oud Refill 50ml
Liaisons Dangereuses, typical me 50ml

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