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Mai Couture is a brand of premium makeup, making it a breeze for your beauty regime. Mai Tran, the designer of Mai Couture, channeled her talents into this glamorous and exclusive collection of make-up sheets as a make-up artist. These blotting papers are created to deliver effortless glow, wearable shade, subtle contour, reduce excess oil, and eradicate blocked pores. This curated collection suits every skin complexion

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 2-1 Blot Bronze Manhattan
 2-1 Blot Bronze Sin City
 Highlighter  (30 Sheets) St. Barts
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 Highlighter  (30 Sheets) Crystal Cove
SAVE 25%
 2-1 Blot Bronze Downtown
Mai Couture
52.50 AED 70 AED
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 Blotting Paper Bamboo Charcoal
 Blotting Paper Vitamin C+E

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