How to Repair Your Hair Post-Vacation

19 ِAugust 2022 | By: Aya Badr

Going on a vacation is a great way to relax and refresh. While swimming is great for the soul, spending a long time in the sun, sea, and chlorinated pools can wreak havoc on hair, leaving it dry, fragile, faded, and weak. When your trip ends, it’s important to jump back into healthy habits to rescue your tresses from the post-vacation blues. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to restore your locks to all their shining glory.

Tip 1: Get Rid of Scalp Build-up

We always encourage you to start by cleansing all traces of chlorine, sea salt, and other impurities. Opt for nourishing cleansing scrubs and masks to thoroughly purify your hair and scalp from excess oil and residue. We recommend you exfoliate the scalp once or twice a week, but it’s important not to overdo it; over-exfoliating can result in damaging the scalp. 

Tip 2: Hydrate and Condition

The second step in repairing your post-holiday hair is to replenish the moisture. Use extra-hydrating shampoos, conditioners, and serums to smooth and moisturize your locks. It’s also a great idea to add hair oils and masks to your regime to further strengthen, de-frizz, and nourish your hair, leaving it silky and shiny.

Tip 3: Revamp your Hair Color

If your hair is colored, it’s very likely to look faded and dull after countless hours in the sun. To restore its vibrancy, choose products specially formulated for colored-treated hair. Whether you want to make your dark hair look richer or your blonde more sun-kissed, our shampoos and treatments are full of antioxidants and vitamins that will help prolong the color.

Bonus Tip: Trim your Ends

A visit to the hairdresser is recommended to remove damaged split ends. You don't have to cut much hair, just the tiniest trim will refresh your style. Believe us, a fresh haircut works miracles on jet-lagged hair.

Just a Few Steps Away From Healthy, Beautiful Skin

These six steps represent all the basic day-to-day care your skin needs to be at its best. Taking time to choose products ideally suited to your skin type will also result in a glowier, more youthful complexion. 

With FACES, you can find all the featured products above and more, including extra treats like masks and exfoliants to give your skin a helping hand.

Why not start the search for your ultimate routine now?  

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