For over 140 years, Shiseido has offered a unique conception of beauty and has transmitted its know-how to all corners of the world. Nourished by sharing and empathy, beauty can be a powerful positive force. Shiseido finds beauty wherever it is and shares it.


Defend Beauty

Defend beauty. Give your skin the strength it needs.

Skin defense system is fundamental for healthy-looking skin. Shiseido has been researching skin defense for over 20 years. Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate is a product that embodies Shiseido skincare. It strengthens the skin’s natural powers of defense, enabling it to build its own beauty. It enhances the benefits of skincare routines that follow. Smooth, supple and with less fine lines, skin radiates with a healthy look.


Firm skin. Gravity mastered.

Shiseido Research has made a breakthrough discovery about sagging skin, at the origin of a new anti-aging approach. As the years pass, cavities appear in the dermis causing the skin to lose its density. The New Bio-Performance LiftDynamic Collection featuring TruStructivTM Technology revitalizes your skin by awakening its ultimate firming potential.


Meet your first Red

Envelop lips in vibrant red color, lasting luster and rich moisture. Rouge Rouge is the go to collection of creamy moisturizing lipsticks in an extraordinary spectrum of reds. Available in 16 shades.