Hello Ladies :-) I'm a bored intellectual from Huddersfield. I have a Cheeky attitude and im very outspoken. i wear my heart on my sleeve and say what i think, often without any sugar coating. i hate selfishness, Bullies and anyone else who finds enjoyment in the suffering of others. i spend my days switching between being in absolute awe of all the beautiful things in the world to overwhelming despair at all the bad things people do :-( im recently out of a relationship :-( and still not over it yet, so i'm looking for friends (with or without benefits) with an open mind for possible relationship in due time. i have close to zero responsibilities at the moment (only my kittycat) and hope to travel the world while i still have chance. i especially want to see Japan for everything there. go to the u.s.a to fire guns and see a thunderstorm/tornado or maybe sit through a hurricane. Things about you Essential attributes: Slim, Confident, independent, eloquent, sensitive and have Good manners. would be nice if: you enjoy dancing and are good at it (i am), have a high sex drive, prefer rough sex, already have or don't want children and enjoy intelligent conversations. Don't bother contacting me if you: Are overweight, Cant speak in complete sentences, watch jeremy kyle or disagree with my policy of making dead the following people: Piers morgan, jedward, christiano ronaldo, russel brand and simon armitage. External Links A small fraction of the music i Love http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3C1834B443DB8C55 My Facebook http://www.facebook.com/LiamskiP?sk=info Feel free to add me on facebook if you prefer or if you dont get a fast response to your mail. Keep Safe peeps, Liam X

"music is an outburst my soul" if you wanna know more about me.....you know where the msg button is wink.gif

Im a hard workin girly n work 4 evrythin i get!!! neva relied on or depended on anyone n will neva intend on doin so, u gota do fings for urself or ul neva learn! i am a fun n easy goin girl tht lyks goin out wiv the girls. u gota live life to the fullest, u dont no wots round the corner so enjoy everything u do cos at least u hav got the chance to be doing it!!! if u wana no more msg me, am not an ignorant girly jus a busy 1, so if i take time t reply then ther ya go..... yano y!
Hi all BLACK BULL HERE I'm Max, and i'm sex mad :) I'm an experienced black male, w/e, gsoh and an easy going personality I have had fun with a bi couple before and that was lots of fun, we had regular meets for a while, but here, I am primarily looking for single women. I prefer curves, I don't like stick insects, big juicy bums and thighs do it for me, im also a sucker for green eyes ;) P.s I can breath through my ears :D:D:D:D:D:P
Hi i have a boyfriend but we are both looking for a new girlfriend or girlfriends to share between us. If your intrested then please contact me. xxx P.s. if your not intrested just say and you won't be botherd again. what were looking for is to make our 2 way serios relationship in to a 3 or more way serios relationship, it's called a polyamory relationship. would you be intrested in being our girlfriend?
I am a bubbly outgoing person looking for friends only, preferably female who are studying. Im not studying much at the moment just doing my equivalent to gcse level 2 maths but its a start for the career I want to go in. I dont like bullies or racism and am friendly to people. Please get to know me first before judging me!!!
Eat, Sleep and Drink Photography, Editor & Designer & Manchester City fan & Gadget Geek & Science Geek...yep, that's about it :)
Really don't like talking about myself in these things so if you want to know anything just message me :)
Hey fun people. Message me if you want to know :D
Not looking for relationship!
You wanna know? Just ask!