Hello Ladies :-) I'm a bored intellectual from Huddersfield. I have a Cheeky attitude and im very outspoken. i wear my heart on my sleeve and say what i think, often without any sugar coating. i hate selfishness, Bullies and anyone else who finds enjoyment in the suffering of others. i spend my days switching between being in absolute awe of all the beautiful things in the world to overwhelming despair at all the bad things people do :-( im recently out of a relationship :-( and still not over it yet, so i'm looking for friends (with or without benefits) with an open mind for possible relationship in due time. i have close to zero responsibilities at the moment (only my kittycat) and hope to travel the world while i still have chance. i especially want to see Japan for everything there. go to the u.s.a to fire guns and see a thunderstorm/tornado or maybe sit through a hurricane. Things about you Essential attributes: Slim, Confident, independent, eloquent, sensitive and have Good manners. would be nice if: you enjoy dancing and are good at it (i am), have a high sex drive, prefer rough sex, already have or don't want children and enjoy intelligent conversations. Don't bother contacting me if you: Are overweight, Cant speak in complete sentences, watch jeremy kyle or disagree with my policy of making dead the following people: Piers morgan, jedward, christiano ronaldo, russel brand and simon armitage. External Links A small fraction of the music i Love http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3C1834B443DB8C55 My Facebook http://www.facebook.com/LiamskiP?sk=info Feel free to add me on facebook if you prefer or if you dont get a fast response to your mail. Keep Safe peeps, Liam X