From London, I'm a humble, lively person that likes to just have fun and get on with things, you only live once! I enjoy having a laugh with people i know or new people, but when it's time to be serious, i know when to be! I'm always there for people that are close to me, and i always do my best to make time for everyone. I'm not into all the negative behaviour that is happening these days, i believe it does not make you smart or tuff, that won't get you far in life. lol! People often wonder what my background is, just so you know its - Trinidad, White, Spanish, Indian, Jamaican, and something else? lol!
Well...I'm from London, recently moved to the West Midlands. I work full-time and enjoy what I do. I love music so I DJ and also Produce in my spare time. I Also like to socialize, it's good to meet new people, I'm an easy to get along with kinda guy, know when to be serious and when to have fun, just getting on with things and just taking on what ever happens. I am mixed race or I should say mixed races, lol! My background is Trinidadian, Jamacian, Spanish, White, and Something else? Lol! Anything else you wanna know or just want to talk just drop a message.
Just mail me if u fancy a chat anyone anything lol dont really mind