I'm a fun loving down to earth guy if u want to chat feel free to drop me a message I like females who can make me laugh if u want to find out more feel free to ask Men stop messaging me and leavin comments in my profile there is no hope for u here IM ABOUT THE FEMALES ONLY !!!
kicking piles of leaves. blowing bubbles. sunrise. Doritos. holding hands. drinking in the bath. the art of rolling. driving at dusk on a summers night. cigar matches. finding things in your pockets which you thought you'd lost. bagels. the feel good factor from wearing your favourite t-shirt. tea spoons. the thesaurus. the inside jacket pockets of my suits. the smell of a wet dog after a walk. pub golf. cotching. the news. laughing when people fall over. trees. the word lovely. chasing cars. frozen peas. kissing in public. sneezing. knowing only the chorus to Baywatch. long train journeys with my iPod and my thoughts. laughing at my own farts. staying curious. Gordon Setters. Selfridges. getting mashed. travelling. eyes. party-rings. Sony . air-guitar. the closeness a cuddle brings.