Firstly, Im Genna, People who know me call me Gen. Im a full time Mum but to some of you that means im a lazy good for nothing wench who claims benefits..Your opinion means nothing, there like bum holes we all have one and they ALL stink.. No i dont want to speak dirty with you or have any kind of cyper sex, Its basically for sexpests who havent got a very good imagination, if you had a good imagination you wouldnt need me to speak dirty to you, Trust me. On a brighter note i love meetin' new people male or female,if you add me as a friend and i dont accept then its because i simply dont want too, although it doesnt happen very often just accept it and move on. Im an overall genuinely nice person.. Carnt wait to get speaking to some of you :)
Hiya im Kayla from Doncaster moved up here a while back now as from London...Live here with my partner and son.Love going out new places and meeting new people.Staying in watching films chilling.Live life to the full coz you only have one init.x
Hmmmm Only Just Joined, so don't know what to write! Doesn't everbody write that? lol. I'll probably fill this out a little bit more after I have been here longer. So for time being if you would like to know anything get in touch!
True Loving heart full of love and tenderness, ok one more time so lets try like that- Art, Cookery, Home and family, Interior, Music, Theatre,Cinema, Restorants,snooker/pool. the list is too long to count on.
heyy , im Natalie lv to chat, party and dance, always shopping and keeping fit.. if u want to know anything just ask, and im here to chat hehe ;) xXx
Hi im Paul, if you wana no anything about me message me
Just branching out a bit from Facebook and the lot.
Thanks for viewing like what you see mail!
Im Andy, up for a laugh that is all :)