What to put mmmmm I'm heavily into rock/metal . Always game for a laugh . Love going to gigs and festivals . Went to Download this year and it was awesome . Before you ask , I really am 6ft 9 . I get asked a lot . My humour is quite sarcastic and very dry . Anything else you wanna know just ask :)
,I am 50yrs old , Originally from Alberta Edmonton Canada and Lonely, I Have Lots Of Care,Love and Smiles To Share, I Have a Great sense Of Humor, Romantic and Kind, i would Like to be Your Good Friend,Can we Know each Other, You seem Charming and Pretty Meanwhile ,I’m comfortable with who I am and what I have achieved in my life. I have accomplished many of my goals while balancing family life and a successful career. I am very independent and self sufficient. I don’t require anyone to take care of me, but love to have a Woman Love me in Return and care for me. I’m a romantic at heart, right down to corny love notes tucked inside your lunch. I love the affection and physical aspects of a relationship just as much as anyone. What I desire most is that special connection one can find with the right person, one that evolves to a point where you can communicate without speaking. I believe that it begins with a friendship and that is a great place for us to start. I want the Woman I am involved with to be my friend, my companion and my confidant. The one I share my dreams with and the one I want to be with when they come true. There must be a solid foundation of trust and communication. I am looking for someone who is honest and faithful because once trust is lost in a relationship, who are the center of my life. She will have to accept My Kid into her life as She does To me. In turn, if She has children, I will also do the same. Finding activities that include the children are primary at this point in life. They grow quickly and there will be plenty of time for activities that are meant exclusively for couples. Not to say that there won't be "couple time" in the present. I just feel that it is important to do our best to raise happy, healthy and responsible children. When I Started Looking again I was so afraid of the past repeating itself, I think the profile I wrote scared Ladies away. I knew what I didn’t want and clearly stated it, but I’m not so sure that was the right philosophy. Just because something didn’t work with one Woman doesn’t mean it won’t work with another. For the Woman who is in my life, I will be Her advocate and greatest supporter. I will try to make sure that he has what he needs to be successful, happy and healthy
Hi, I'm Claire. Totally bisexual. Currently single but I do have a female fuck friend called Sarah-Jayne. I love tits (especially as mine are quite small!) and ass, licking and fingering, ass-play, some light discipline and bondage. Independant and free thinking I am just looking for saucy chat and fantasy sharing. DO NOT WANT A RELATIONSHIP. I am enjoying my freedom and fucking anyone I want. I prefer girls but am know to enjoy having my pussy filled by a cock on occasion. I am a definite voyer - I love to watch while I masturbate, I squirt quite a bit when I cum. I dress and act outrageously, love thrill fucking (outside, in bars, clubs and stores). I am currently working in a bar - which I am not going to name! Love Claire xxxxx
hello there people hope you are doing well,im new to this kind of site any advice would be great,thank you i am on here to try and meet and make friends with new interesting people open to whatever happens, if you would like to know anything at all about me please dont be shy just ask,i dont like lying so i will answer truthfully as possible
Kamaw tut raadku mirooo igen but nasti awaw bijaltute zuvacko miriii igen but tut kamaw... te dela o deloro awaha peha imar pro furt bo me imar nakamaw te hel bijaltute iloro mirooo ,..
instagram: MR_WILDTHING https://www.facebook.com/tyler.wildin snapchat :tylerwildin96 BBM:F0 Message meeee:P
I'm a call centre operator. Love to meet new people. Always up for a bit of fun. I love big tall men! :)
sexy bloke
Haii (: