Paco Rabanne

Lady Million Prive Eau de Parfum

420 SAR


"Addictive", "enchanting", "forbidden".. When Anne Flipo, creator of Lady Million and now the Privé version, evokes the scent of this captivating and irresistible woman, it's a world in itself that comes through in fragrant waves. With notes of orange blossom and vibrant wood, Lady Million Eau de Parfum plays the seduction card, attracting her partner to an almost dangerous romantic pairing.
Far from toning things down, Lady Million Privé takes the adventure one step further to territories that are hypnotic and profound, sensual and oriental.
The amazing trio of sunny heliotrope flower, hot and creamy vanilla and raspberry seals the enchantment.
In the base notes, soft and captivating cocoa bean comes to the fore, followed by honey and vibrant patchouli. An irresistible narcotic effect and a wave of heat like a soft, enveloping and voluptuous sirocco wind. An invitation to desire and a fragrance of escape.