MZN Bodycare

Powered by female-only micro-factories in Saudi Arabia, MZN Bodycare is focused on creating all-natural, vegan, and cruelty-free body care products for everyday consumer. Launched in 2015, MZN is dedicated to sourcing non-toxic & local raw materials to create the highest quality products.

MZN Bodycare (29)

Body oil in Pink Musk 120ml
Coffee Scrub in Coffee Cake 300g
Powder Mist 120ml
MZN Bodycare
55 SAR
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Berry Lip Scrub 35g
Pink Musk Mist 120ml
Body Butter in Powder 100g
Rose Lip Balm 5gm
Lavender Mist 120ml
Rose Lip Scrub 35g
MZN Bodycare
35 SAR
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Vanilla Latte Lip Balm 5gm
Berry Lip Balm 5gm
Vanilla Musk Mist 120ml
Body Butter in Vanilla Musk 100g
Sugar Scrub in Vanilla Musk 350g
Powder Whipped Soap Scrub 300g
Brightness Face Mask 60gm
Body Oil in Powder 120ml
Body Butter in Pink Musk 100g
Body Butter in Lavender 100g
Vanilla Musk Whipped Soap Scrub 300g
Detox Face Mask 60gm
Body Butter Unscented 100g
Vanilla Latte Lip Scrub 35g
Body oil in Vanilla Musk 120ml
Revitalizing Face Mask 60gm
Salt Scrub in Lavender & Grapefruit 350g
Pink Musk Whipped Soap Scrub 300g
Body oil in Lavender 120ml

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