Are you tired of having to second guess your skincare routine anytime a new trend sparks up social media? Are you tired of putting too much time on picking out products without even knowing if it’s good or not? Well look no further, we are here to help you. We are giving you a step-by-step guide on what to apply first and last with a few of our products that will suit your skin type and concerns, your skin will thank you later! Here's a list of the nine stages we think every skincare routine should include to achieve healthy skin that will give you a dewy glow.


A cleanser should be the first step in any beauty routine. You should always start with a clean base and a fresh face when using any form of skincare product. The purpose of your cleanser is to remove dirt, dead skin cells, oil, and makeup from your skin in order to unclog your pores and prime your skin to absorb all of the beneficial ingredients in the remainder of your daily skincare routine. That’s why our Clinique liquid facial soap work well for protecting the skin’s natural moisture without drying out the skin



After you've used the cleanser, you need to use a toner. Your toner functions as a skin barrier to keep bad substances from crawling back inside your pores after you've cleansed them clean with your cleanser. Toners help to maintain your skin's pH in check. Our Lancôme Tonique douceur face toner works best as it pleasantly tones and purifies your skin without drying or robbing your skin of natural oils. Pestle & Mortar Balance spritz is also a good toner as it has aloe vera extract, softens and hydrates the skin, and keeps your skin at a natural balance.



While this step isn't strictly required, it's a great touch to your daily skincare regimen if your skin seems weary or dreary first thing in the morning. The fatty acids aid in the healing of your skin, meaning fatty acids are able to protect against oxidative stress by overstimulating an antioxidant role, so if you're susceptible to acne scars or dark spots, and antioxidant therapy might be just what you need. Aside from assisting your skin's healing and regeneration, antioxidant treatments can indeed help to stimulate collagen formation, making your skin seem fresher and healthy!



Even during the course of our day, our skin, particularly the skin on our faces, is subjected to a heck of a lot of wear and tear. All of the heat, anxiety and even the cosmetics we use on our faces may dry up our face and make it appear older than it is. An everyday moisturizer tends to protect your skin looking and feeling good by locking in water and many other vital vitamins and minerals on the top layer of your skin to have radiant skin. Our CLINIQUE moister surge 100-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator is a perfect example of a great and safe moisturizer. It hydrates the skin that is 10 layers deep and will last for 100 hours and even if you wash your face with cold or warm water, the healthy glow of the moisturizer will stay.



It's critical to remember to wear sunscreen on your face on a daily basis. Even in the dead of winter Even if the sun's rays aren't as powerful in the winter, they're nonetheless damaging to your skin. Using a moisturizer with SPF 15, 30 or even 50 may make a huge impact on your skin's look. Sunscreen ECO SUN SPRAY INVISIBLE SPF50+ is a new zinc-based mineral collection, is it made of safe minerals to better help your skin from the sun or even the harsh rays of the winter and leaves you with a natural glow.



There are small bits in most facial scrubs that exfoliate your skin such as glycolic acid, serving as a face cloth to gather any waste or oil that has been collected on your skin and gives you a healthy glow. By the end of each day, no matter how thorough your morning skincare regimen is, your skin will be exhausted by the dust, filth, and oil it has come in touch with during the day. That’s why our Musaclean Exfoliating Peeling Organic 50ml is great for oily skins and it is a water-based scrub. Also, chemical exfoliators are also just as beneficial for removing the unnecessary muck on your face with free radicals.



Face masks are fun and relaxing. But putting on a mask every night would tire out the skin which is why it is advised to only put on a face mask 2 times a week, not more or less. Choosing a face mask is tricky because of the different skin types, for example, you should always use a hydrating mask if you have dry skin. If you feel like your skin is dull or even if you feel like something is lacking just put on a face mask and feel refreshed. Face mask protects from moisture loss and leaves your skin feeling and looking silky and soft to the touch.



Eye creams that contain anti-inflammatory agents are directly designed to tackle puffiness of the eyes, wrinkles, and dark spots under the eye. The skin that is around the eyes is sensitive so having a product to protect the skin and not damaging or irritate the skin is the way to go! If you want a product that will visibly revive the skin around the eyes and that targets skin aging that will help boost the skin's natural collagen then you will need our BOBBI BROWN Extra Repair Eye Cream that is filled with natural plant oils.



It is a really good choice to moisturize not only in your morning skincare routine but also in your night skincare routine. Hyaluronic Acid benefits the skin especially dry skin that reduces lines and wrinkles and also speeds up a healing process from a wound.


Now that we cleared all the steps into making your skin healthy and glowing, make sure to do these steps accordingly and not to skip any step. After all, we all want that amazing shine we so desire.