m 25 year old storeman for the Royal Navy- originally from Burnley but I live in Plymouth during the week. I wish I could say I was in the Royal Marines or special forces but then I dont think I'd get away with it as I don't exactly have the muscles to carry that off- I'm just an ordinary sailor who gets by one day at a time. During my spare time I also help out down the local sea cadet unit- it's actually good fun and the kids are a good laugh some times- they know a lot more than we give them credit for! I'm in to photography and am currently trying to change trade from Storeman to Naval Photographer but it's a hard branch to get into, although I have had my pictures published a few times. I'm in to pretty much any type of music from Kanye West to Slipknot although I really cannot stand dance music if I'm honest. I have 5 Tattoo and no piercings. My favorite movie types are comedies and actions, and I can't stand horrors (too scary for me :( ). Not really into the clubbing scene these days- much prefer to be able to to chill and relax at a bar. Maybe surprising to hear this from a guy, but I cannot stand football- nothing could bore me any more than that (well maybe cricket, tennis and snooker). Much rather be out in the countryside walking or in the town centre shopping.