Dr. Christian Farthing has been a Chiropractic patient since he was 6 months old. His mother Valerie, having had training as a nurse, experienced the work of modern-day medicine as we know it today. She respected that medication may help people fighting for their existence, but unfortunately could not aid the prevention of them from getting unwell from the start. She also saw a number of people die subject to chronic condition, several of which may have been prevented.Coming from a family of 5 siblings, Dr. Christian Farthing valued the value of family also, the role total health played in the success of a household. “Your family will only be as happy as your unhealthiest and unhappiest child†are the words that resonate with Dr. Farthing today as he now takes care of more than 12,500 patients, more than half of these families within the Canterbury area., Chiropractor Canterbury. http://www.christianfarthing.com
I am an honest man, who is caring, loving and responsible. I loving making people around me happy always, dont hurt people. I also have passion for my profession alot, which is Civil Engineering. Yes, I cherish a woman of virtue, who can be very loving, caring and honest. I mean HONEST. Doesnt play games at all
Fairly normal guy (most of the time ;) and like to flirt a little - BBM 7C0C6228