I'm known for my calm and relaxed character, and notorious for my privacy... There's only two questions that concern me in life....The first being, WHO AM I? The second being, WHAT IS EVERY THING ELSE? I would love and feel privileged for you to share WHAT and WHO you know yourself to be.... As man/woman kind has now transcended the need for butchering animals for sustenance, I've chosen not to eat them. I'd just like to share with anyone reading this, that the essential proteins found in meat products are also found with higher quality and more abundantly in the vegetation of our beautiful earth :-D I love cycling around the world, me and a close friend pick a country every year. Last year we cycled from London to Paris and this year we're going from London to Amsterdam :-D If anyone is interested in taking part in this event or something similar for charitable causes, I'd be happy to help ;-)
I am initially shy but I do warm up. I am looking for a friend initially, perhaps someone like myself. Friendship is an important part of my life. Not into the scene or one night stands and low sex drive (hence the `inexperienced`) but crave body contact without strings/extras! One day my prince will come (hopefully before I am 75). Tired of a life alone. Fairly serious outlook on life. In my spare time I read crime stories (sad I know), walk in the local forest, do DIY and garden. Whenever I get the chance I visit north Greece, but would like to widen the experience to India and Egypt someday.
I dont need to sell myself. im not a car... If u want to talk to me you know what to do.... ps.... u ugly ppl that put ur cams up - hilarious, love a freak show be4 bed.. xx xx Feel Free To Leave A Comment xx
yo!yo! hey add me and we can chat no point popping everything on this bit get to know me:) i my have some secrets to share lol x