My Names Daniel Smith, Cant Really Think Of Anything Else To Right If You Want To Know More Just Ask Me
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Hi new to this so don't even know what I'm doing so just message me.

I love life! Everyday is a new experience! I love to help others and enjoy laughing and watching others have a good time! I am a very honest person who will bust meself to achieve goals in life! I don't like watching people get hurt and I will defend people that can't defend themselves! I don't like people who lie or are high and mighty! People who purposely hurt others are scum and should be put away forever! But for the most part I am a content person who believes that we should all stop and enjoy life when ever we can because we are only here a short time and letting life slip by without enjoying it is a waste! I could go on and on but you get the idea of how I am! :)
I believe i was born to be a leader, someone to stand out from the crowd and walk my own path no matter what! even if i was devil's child back in the day. I have no regret because the things that i have done has made me the person i am today. I have been living in the UK now for 3 years more for a fresh start from a bad past but who hasn't had a bad past. :/ (will not go into detail unless you ask) I think i have told enough about myself, Now its your turn to tell me your story...don't be afraid for your story to be told i am here to listen.
I am a respectable, down to earth, random and funny guy. i like women that say whats on there mind, that are kind and adventurous. I am 6ft7 tall i know its not about quantity but quality as well and i have both x
i am definitely a cool guy ... looking for friends ... the right girl to date and someone to have a night out or party with.
Down to Earth Guy, Funny and Friendly. Looking for a right person ...
new dont know how it works bare with me
young nd bright