Name * Kerry aka Kez *

Age * 23 Years Old * !

Location * Hemel Hempstead *

Status * Engaged * !
Children * I got a beautiful little boy

Piercings * Belly,Ears,Tongue + Lip

*Hey on a short note I'm outgoing i love to sing dance and all that shizzle, I *Love* My mates I'm loud sum times I *Love* listening to music dance about in my room or tables i do a lot of singing

F.A.P = Forever Alone Party
Peace Out

Welcome Dudes and Dudettes to my Profile. You may call me Steven, Stevo, Steve, or if you want to give me your own nickname that is cool, just run it by me first lol :) I'm from just north of London, A place called Hemel Hempstead. I have a wide variety of interests but if I was to label myself, I would say I'm a Uber Geeky Metaller, or something like that, please tell me if you disagree with this :) I have had an account on this site for years, but I have let it go for the last year or so, so I thought i'd give it a refresh, and see if I can make it look better. The reason i'm on this website, is to meet people into the same things as me,. so if we have the same interests or if you want to just speak to me, please leave me a message or comment.