Mr Lover-Lee here

Apart from djing I've just come out of running my own pub to find something that doesn't require me every minute of everyday
And some thing much more sociable hours wise

People who know me call me the joker coz I am really. I'll do Wat ever to get everyone laughing. Can't be sat with aload of miserable twats all night lol

Just come out of relationship ended on not so good terms we could never agree on anything honestly hand on heart she couldnt lol I could never do anything right for her in her eyes but that's coz she was to blind to see the good stuff and positives and only concentrated on the negatives which again she mainly caused. So now I'm here single again young and looking to enjoy my life.

That does NOT mean I wanna be a male slag and take anything breathing it means I want to enjoy Wat I have got while I wait until miss right comes along I know she's out there somewhere just gotta be patient and she will come wink.gif trust me that's a promise lol

Right guys/girls I'm always by a comp or my trusty iPhone so message me bout anything I'll reply to every message Wat ever its about trust me I'm not shocked easy. Hope to hear from you soon who ever you are. Speak to you soon x

hey im known as european-rocker because of my huge interest in European Rock Groups mainly i would say i love German Metal im 24 from England anything you want to know justs ask
if you dont have a picture dont send me any messeges!!!
Not looking for anything im only here cos im bored
Hey, I'm Tyrone, feel free to give me a message :)