I enjoy going out at weekends and I'd say im very unique in my own little way but i won't say too much you will have to find that out for yourselves. People tell me I'm witty and funny, I enjoy making people Laugh. I love being round people I'm always cracking jokes all my mates say I'm mad. I can be very stubborn at times depending on the situation but other than that I'm the happiest person to be around im 30 years ofage have no kids never been married and never will My taste in music? Hmmmmmm my favourite at the moment is dub step But I do enjoy DnB, RnB, house, dance, trance, Grime, Rap,Reggae anything that has a good beat to it and ain't country or jazz! I want to become very successful and one day hope to travel the world. Iam also Looking to go back to college get my GCSE`S` then go to uni to become a web developer,or game designer Im not having any luck what so ever on this site dont know why i wasted my time so it looks like ill be shutting my account down good luck to every one happy fishing hope you find what your looking for