I am everything you are, just me instead.enjoys traveling a lot,to learn about various culture & traditions etc..I love being human. I love being emotional. I love being logical,Love to be around people, ,love to have philosophical discussions,and I love being random. I've learned very lil. Im much more patient, kind, appreciative, thankful, loving, self-respecting, caring, humble, and wise. I've been on many many crazy adventures, and I'm going on many many more. I'm open to learning new things, and I'm open to having new experiences. I will always continue to learn, and I will always continue to be a student.
Hey there my name is Lee I am a young guy, currently about to study business studies at University and then aspire to be a marketing director once I have completed the degree. I enjoy swimming, football and I also enjoy singing :) I love all different types of music funky, grime, r&b and a little bit of drum and bass. I loveee going clubbing with my friends and a fair amount of drink lol. But sometimes I just like to sit back and chill out with my family, watch some tv and just basically have some quality time with them. If you'd like to get to know me or have a chat just inbox me I won't bite lol