Who Am I? You may know me by name but do you really know me? You might think you do but you really don’t. In actual fact you will never truly know anyone entirely, things may be revealed to you about oneself but it is only half of the story that you will acquire. To put it simply I am an enigma, which you will try to solve but you will never understand the complete mystery of my character. I am like a jigsaw puzzle where you will find pieces but there will be missing parts so you will never be able to put together a complete picture. When I converse with you things will be said to test you, as I want to know how your mind works and also what makes you tick. Eventually you will find that my words will begin to possess your mind, you will find me hovering in your thoughts day and night, and that is because I can and will get into your mind.
Friendship is a Golden Chain, The links are friends so dear, And like a rare and precious jewel is more valuable every year