Never really know what to right in these sections especially when they have ascertained so much information from you already in setting your page here's a few bullet points keeping it short and sweet (",)*... *Humble and down to earth guy *Professional and well educated (Masters Degree Graduate) *I have my own place in the South East London/Kent area *Close knit family unit (My family are EVERYTHING to me) *Love females of all shapes, sizes and ethnicity...(Beauty transcends all prejudices in my eyes) *Has an extremely HIGH and FREAKY sex drive...(If it aint freaky/nasty...then my eyes your doing it WRONG looool *he smiles cheekily and winks*) That kinda sums me up if I sound interesting, then just drop me a line and we can take it from there... Mr MBD* xxx PS: Private pics are for special individuals you special??? looool (",)
We’re a group of working, down-to-earth parents with teenagers who know that if your child does something daft but normal – a cigarette or too many drinks – someone in your family will always be nodding sagely as if to say: “I knew that would happenâ€.