Well I'm Dave..(waves).. live in a wretched town called Dagenham lol. Am now a Specialist Engineer for BSkyB (oooo fancy eh!!:-P) basically get to play spiderman for a living now, minus the cool outfit lol. Quick update on the main things in life that keep me ticking... I mostly like people I think. I love listening and watching people in the hope they do something ridiculously funny haha. I also am partial to a bit of music, I love the golden oldies haha yes you read correctly, cant beat a good dance off with an elderly person to the swinging 60's haha. On the other side of that coin I do like a good live band, cant beat a bit of rock/indie/metal in a friendly boozer :-). Socially I do get involved in a few drinky-poos and a half attempt at fist pumping raver stylee to a bit of housey/electro tunes that clubs normally bang out. Not particularly well traveled but Ive hit a few nice destinations, Barbados, Ibiza, Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, America.... I am a big fan of camping trips too, I think I have the best nights sleep ever in a lil tent that is 95% guaranteed to leak, with a sleeping bag pulled so tight round ya head you could be called "Kenny"....listening the the gentle pitted patter of rain as it bounces off the roof... ahhh cosy or what!?? :-).The rest is basically generic things i.e spending time with friends/family etc.. love a lil practical joke now n then tho I must admit :-P. I feel the need to leave some form of inspirational quote for you, as reward for reading thus far.....so here it is.. Smile, and the world will smile with you...but Fart n your on your own....:-) Be safe and be happy Ravey x
well I love my smile and one other part of my body!! but otherwise I think My best feature is my personality, I'm bubbly and funny, can be loud and I have a filthy mind!!anything else you want to know just ask, Sexy. Rare to find. Loves being in long term relationships. Extremly energetic. Amazing in bed, 1 of a kind..! xXxX,dont be a follower be your own person straight up and im easy going always up for a laugh,i aim to drink till i drop but i never seem to and i blaze it down till my eyes are blood shot red. Bio:If someone shows you who they are.. Believe them!! Bio: Strong black man raised in lineage of his forefathers. I come from the blood of kings.. Slaveships can never change that... darkskin n lovely & we,ll get on well if u got manners n morals ZTNS
I am easy to communicate and to get along with as well as positive, kind and very soft. I am a Woman who is full of joy, energy, sympathy, tenderness and passion for life. Most of all I appreciate decency, benevolent and frank people. I stay active. I am just very curious and energetic! I will love you sincerely and tenderly with all my heart, my Husband-to-be and my destiny. I will take care of you and our home will be full with happiness, joy and positive emotions. If you are loving, caring, purposeful, humorous and attentive and lack all these things in your life, just write me and I'll do my best to fill the vacuum of your soul...
The people who know me would probly say i'ma very quiet and laid back kinda person, i keep myself to myself and observe whats going on around me. I can be quiet around people i don't know which sometimes gets me mistaken as the rude or arrogant typa person (thats not me) but i get a little louder around strangers when i get used to em.
I am Carl 21 years young I currently work In the IT industry and I am an assistant manager at a betting shop. I am a straight forward person so if I have something on my mind il say it I am also a dedicated and a money motivated person I am truely ambitious. If anybody wanna chat inbox me if anything.
I think im a decent guy with a cool personality ...am honest, easy going, can make ya smile whenever your down, have a chat with anyone about anything! i can be a bit bossy, can be considered a good or a bad thing... ;) ...I know how to have a goodtime n up for a laugh wheneva!
We are a sexy couple ,down to earth , looking for a mature bi female to join us in the bedroom for some sexy hot fun. Strictly women only!!!!..... Guys you are wasting your time messenging sorry!
I am interested in females only so if u have a bb add me 27FE3086 xx NO MEN
I am a laid back party animal. I live life to the full and have no regrets.
Skype: M.ishrat or ask for whatsapp =)
Likes very few things...
im just me