Well I'm Dave..(waves).. live in a wretched town called Dagenham lol. Am now a Specialist Engineer for BSkyB (oooo fancy eh!!:-P) basically get to play spiderman for a living now, minus the cool outfit lol. Quick update on the main things in life that keep me ticking... I mostly like people I think. I love listening and watching people in the hope they do something ridiculously funny haha. I also am partial to a bit of music, I love the golden oldies haha yes you read correctly, cant beat a good dance off with an elderly person to the swinging 60's haha. On the other side of that coin I do like a good live band, cant beat a bit of rock/indie/metal in a friendly boozer :-). Socially I do get involved in a few drinky-poos and a half attempt at fist pumping raver stylee to a bit of housey/electro tunes that clubs normally bang out. Not particularly well traveled but Ive hit a few nice destinations, Barbados, Ibiza, Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, America.... I am a big fan of camping trips too, I think I have the best nights sleep ever in a lil tent that is 95% guaranteed to leak, with a sleeping bag pulled so tight round ya head you could be called "Kenny"....listening the the gentle pitted patter of rain as it bounces off the roof... ahhh cosy or what!?? :-).The rest is basically generic things i.e spending time with friends/family etc.. love a lil practical joke now n then tho I must admit :-P. I feel the need to leave some form of inspirational quote for you, as reward for reading thus far.....so here it is.. Smile, and the world will smile with you...but Fart n your on your own....:-) Be safe and be happy Ravey x