Hi :)Im 19 years old and I am currently working in two pubs and also preparing to start university in March 2015. As you can see from my pictures im not a size 6 :/ and to be quite honest I really wouldn't want to be skinny. I have gorgeous legs and im not ashamed to say it and I love getting dressed up. I love getting my hair done and my nails; I am always presentable unlike some people. I really dont understand why people actually leave the house looking a right state, it doesnt take a lot to do your hair and put a bit of make up on :s...I am a dancer. No not a pole dancer even though i wish i could do that but no I do ballroom and latin dancing and I will say myself that I am an amazing dancer, maybe thats big headed but I am a really good dancer and ive got all the trophies to prove it. I have only had two boyfriends so obviously i don't just go out with anyone even though I love flirting. I love cocktails !!!! I do like my boyfriends to be really gentleman like for example; holding doors open, paying on dates, helping with my shopping, walking me to my door at the end of the night, playing with my hair at night and cuddles in bed... Talk to me im friendly :*
funny out going gd sence of humor love to meet new people alwayz up for larf love my family always there for me .love n miss my sister never forgotten i wouldnt be here if wasnt for you looked up to you so much ... ad lot of ups n downs in my lyf :( but pulled threw alot x i just won sumone dats likes me 4 who i am :(
"The Two Jonnies are based in Colchester, Essex. They have been performing as a duo since Early 2008. . . Splicing together several genres of music from acoustic to medieval. The Two Jonnies are one-of-a-kind original."
Hi My name is Mandy. I love sex and anything to do with sex. I am open to most things but would like to get to know you first. I have some naughty/naked pics on Shag Park.xxx
Im a bit mad i enjoy a good laugh and always like having fun ;-) im a bit of a flirt too
solvent, happy, honest, retired, ask me any thing you want to know
i am an amazing, sexy but deadly, cock sucking ninja ;) so watch out
I'm here and there, about. I can't be arsed to explain myself..
find a girl for serious relationships.
Im a nice guy always up for a chat
looking for friends
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