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Wonder Full Brow Styling Gel - 004 Clear Brow Gel


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Product Details

Product Details

Step up your brow game with this Wonder'Full Brow Styling Gel by Rimmel London. The clear eyebrow gel sweeps and fixes eyebrows into place while leaving them looking healthy and feeling conditioned. The lightweight texture of the styling gel makes it tame and sculpts the brows in an instant for an all-day shaped look. The perfect partner to an eyebrow pencil - it has a tapered brush that allows total control for precise, uniform application every time. Fill and define with your pencil before fixing with the gel or wear alone for a naturally groomed look. Usage: For the fullest coverage, glide the wand from the outer to the inner corner of brows, going against the direction of hair growth. This will help you reach the underside of each strand. Next, use the small brush to sweep brows back into their natural shape, taking it from the inner to the outer corner of brows to tame.
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SINCE 1834 What makes a young perfumer leave his country with his young family to set out on his own in London? What makes him create the first non-toxic mascara then sell it so all could afford it rather than cash in on a luxury for the few? A hunger to find new boundaries and a need to re-invent himself. When Eugene Rimmel and his father set up the House of Rimmel in 1834 beauty was a different game. Perfumes were called vinegar, mascara was made with mercury and marketing meant a stand at a fair. By the time Eugene died in 1890 Rimmel was the dictionary definition of mascara across the world, he had pioneered hygiene products and cosmetics and turned beauty into art. It is this constant need to push boundaries that fuelled the brand for the next one hundred years, that kept us innovating to re-shape convention, create new looks, to give you the tools to explore new versions of your look.