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Natural Bronzer bronzing powder - 004 Sundown Bronzer


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Product Details

Product Details

Do you want a healthy natural sunkissed glow on your face? The Rimmel London Natural Bronzing Powder protects your skin with SPF 8, and at the same time provides a healthy warm glow on your face. The powder is also waterproof and therefore the perfect bronzer make up for women! Contouring with bronzer: Create shimmering highlights on your skin and give it a summery freshness. A bronzer is suitable for contouring and strobing. With strobing you use a fairly simple technique in which you apply the bronzer to the parts where the light naturally hits. What is the difference between a bronzer and contouring? Contouring works with shadows, while bronzing highlights the sun-kissed areas of your face. Bronzer is still suitable for contouring, if you have warm skin undertones. Contouring is a make-up technique that perfects your face with make-up alone. The secret lies in the play with light and shadow: By deliberately setting height and depth while contouring, you change the effect of your facial contours. Contour makeup gives your face a particularly pronounced three-dimensionality and symmetry and shows you your best side. With contour make-up you bring out your natural appearance optimally. By contouring your face, you hide small blemishes and imperfections.
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SINCE 1834 What makes a young perfumer leave his country with his young family to set out on his own in London? What makes him create the first non-toxic mascara then sell it so all could afford it rather than cash in on a luxury for the few? A hunger to find new boundaries and a need to re-invent himself. When Eugene Rimmel and his father set up the House of Rimmel in 1834 beauty was a different game. Perfumes were called vinegar, mascara was made with mercury and marketing meant a stand at a fair. By the time Eugene died in 1890 Rimmel was the dictionary definition of mascara across the world, he had pioneered hygiene products and cosmetics and turned beauty into art. It is this constant need to push boundaries that fuelled the brand for the next one hundred years, that kept us innovating to re-shape convention, create new looks, to give you the tools to explore new versions of your look.