Submissive London girl wanted...

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Hallo there,

I'm a 36yo good looking guy living in London, well educated with a creative mind and a dominant attitude.

I'd like to get in touch with girls who have fantasies and/or experience as a submissive in sexy games.
I'm quite experienced though there are always new things that are worth to try.
What I particularly like: tieding up with ropes/belt/handucuffs, blindfolding, spanking, verbal abuse and more generally roleplay scenarios (kidnapping, blackmail, whore, secretary, etc). I can inflict pain but I'm not for anything too extreme.

If you like to find out more send me a mail with a brief introduction (please no two liners), picture is appreciated if you haven't got it on your profile and gets mine. I'm up for talking and, of course, some action.

PS for narrow minded people: all the activities mentioned above are always consensual and part of a game, like it or not.