Some one to share my world

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Where do I start... I’m a Bad Boy Gone Good! Yeah I know, do people really change? Well I did.
I guess everybody gets their epiphanies at some point. Well I had mine shortly after reading a book called Woman Vs Womaniser. ‘This is the Book Men Do Not want Women to Read’. This book blew me away. I could see my bad boy behaviour spiral out of control and leave me for broke!! I werent gonna let that happen to me...No Way! It made me question my behavior towards women.

Anyway, the 'new' me thinks about womens you should really
treat others, how you want to be treated. Ever heard of the saying 'what goes around, comes around'?? Well let me tell you its true! Read Woman Vs Womaniser and you'll know exactly where I'm coming from.
I now know that the reason for my old ways was due to not finding 'the one', but I know that I'm now a better guy for going through the changes and realising I can be a bigger and better person and that I share it all with someone who means
Everything to me.

Ladies, I may be in touch with my emotions, but doesnt mean I dont like to play hard!

Apparently I ‘m Hilariously funny, ambitious, and sweet. The rest you will have to find out for yourself. - Nothing beats person to person!

I will try and respond to every message.