Hi im new on here and could do with a bit of help and dont know what some things are !!

:-) lol

Heyy im John. Jonny sumtyms i even answer to OI!!! lol im 23 From liverpool living in southport... I am very outgoing & can be really hyperactive at times lol not my fault often there are tyms people tell me shushhhh lol i like going the gym,Playing x-box, laptop--- Mainly working on it lol chilling out with a pizza or chinese & watching movies especially on rainy days :) i cum across as a lil arrogant a tyms but i call it confidence lol see now i bet ya thinkin bigheaded egotistic K**b ed but i assure ya now im far from that :) im Just an open honest lad that doesnt think b4 speaking... i like 2 fink i ava sense of humour.... but i guess ya gonna av too msg me so see it :) anyways im off shameless is on now :)
one,bored,horny& lonely single bi guy looking for a long term,& meaningful relationship with the right lady,could that be you perhaps? -

well hello there all you beautiful,gorgeous,& very sexy ladies out there,please allow me to inroduce myself,i'm h. from the wirral,here on merseyside & basically i'm looking!....looking for you. yes that's right ladies,i'm looking for you,in the hope of starting somthing long term,& meaningful with hopefully at least anyway,the right lady. is that lady you then perhaps i wonder? i'll be waiting for you so pleae don't be,or feel shy at all i'm not ;-) come'n'say hi yeah? go on i dare ya? ya know ya want to really....right? ;-) like i said before,please don't be shy,i'm certainly not. ;-)

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i need a good woman to be my wife -

am a gentle man named Chris i have a son and my wife is late 3 years ago right now i need a good and caring woman that can take good care of my son because am a very busy business man am a car dealer i sale cars.

hi im ian -

hi there ian here 31 single and looking tanned im 1/3english 1/3 american and 1/3 spanish if u would like to know more please contact me

I am a lonely and horny Roman Catholic Priest looking for kind, discreet sexy males for fun.
duno what to say am lee check me out am quite mad an friendly wana no more ask!!
Gay guy recently moved from London to Liverpool Canny Farm. Yes im a Cockney :P. MSN: bambiethescally@live.co.uk ............../??/).. .........(?` ............/....//. ................. .........../....//.. .................. ...../??/..../??... ......../?`....?` .././.../..../..../. |_......_|........ ....... (.(....(....(..../.) ..)..(..(.....).... )....).) ................./ .../......./...... ........../ ................... /.................. ......../ They come, they go Can there be one for me, I just don`t know The pain keeps bottling up inside But these feelings I try to hide Could any guy ever love me? I guess I`ll just wait and see Is there really a Mr. Right? One who could hold me through the night? I guess I`ll just pray on bended knee That maybe someday he`ll find me ................. .........,--~’’’’??? ..’-,...?’’~’’~--,, ................ ...,-‘’’?~, ....’- ...... ............... ....-, ....... ......,-‘_?, ........................ ............, ........’~, ........ ..,-‘ ... ....................... ...........,-;’,,,,_ ........’-,, ....... ,-‘_, ........____ ............... ....,-‘ ..? ....’-, ......,?.; ..... ,-‘ .............,,,---,,, ............ ......|,,--~’’’’’’?I .....,’ .... ,;,_ .........,-‘ ....? ..,,;, ..........’-, .’~,_ ....,-‘’ ....,’ . ,--; .............|,,--~’’’ ....| ...........-‘ ........?? ......,’ ..;,?;, ............’-,_ ......,,-‘ .........._,,;- ......... ...,-‘ .......’~, .............’’’’’’’’’ ...........-‘’ ,-‘ ..........,,~’ ............’~-, ................ ............... .....,,-~’ .................... ‘~--,,,,_______,,,,-~’’’’?? ............ .........,-‘ ......,, .... ._,,,,i;;;|-|_, ................. ..,/, ....,-;’---‘----‘ ...... ..../.,_;| .................,/, ,’’’’~, .............. .......| ? ................... ‘’-‘’’| .................. ...., ........................ ../, ........../------~’’?’; .................. .....,’’ ?’’~--~’’’ .?’---,,,,--‘’ ........................ ‘’~-,,-~ What I look 4. 1) Somebody to cuddle up to me at night. 2) Somebody who i can surprise 3) I want someone who i can whisk away for the weekend, just like we all do. 4) I want someone to hold me in their arms and I have that feeling that I want time to stop. 5) On Valentines day i would take them to a restaurant. When we get home the house is full of roses, candles everywhere. An essential oil smell. The bath is ready full of rose petals and so is the bed. The rest is for your imagination. 6) I want to go away with someone and get snowed in on a deserted moutain top, in front of a log fire. -----///-----Plz ----///-----Put This ---|||---|||---On Your ---|||---|||---account If ---|||---|||---You Know -----///----Someone -----///-----Who Died ------///-----Of -----///----Cancer ----///-- --Or AID's SURFING NET, CINEMA, NIGHTS IN, EATING OUT, THE PUB, THE BEACH, VIDEOS, SWIMMING, TV, CUDLEING, GYM, MY WEBSITE. THERE IS A LOT TO ME BUT IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE YOU NEED TO TAKE THE TIME TO GET TO KNOW ME. _________________0_________________________________ _________________00________________________________ ________________0000_______________________________ ____0_____________________0_________________ ____00____________________0_________________ _____0000________________00________________ _____________________________ __0__________0_____________ _00____________00_____________ _0000______000_____0000_______________ ____0000_0_000_0_________ _______0_0_0_____ _____________________ _______________000_0_0000______________ ______________0______________ ___________00_______0_______00___________ _____________________0____________________
Hey there I’m Rik :) I’m generous, honest and fun to be around. I enjoy a challenge, I'm always up for trying new things in life. I’m known by my friends as a bit crazy – crazy in a good way though lol – but I like that, it always adds a bit of fire to the party. I love the outdoors, I’m a scout leader so that’s perfect to exercise my outdoors ambitions and I’ve always been good with kids. I play Hockey and golf but I’m always willing to try new sports. Music is a large part of my life at the moment. I play drums and guitar and co-run a music night in Formby. My musical tastes are varied here is some of the artist I’m into: Bryan Adams, Fleetwood Mac, Sting, Nickelback, Bon Jovi, Rihanna , Elvis, Sinatra, Bublé, Ezio, Muse, Metalica, Alisha Keys, Eminem and loads of others... I Love film and going the cinema, I’m a real movie buff. I like anything really and I do like to have nights in sitting on the sofa and watching a good movie, If you were to join me then I don’t mind watching a good RomCom or even something with a bit of a kick to it like a horror. I’ll just have to remember to chill the wine and light the scented candles lol So hit me up and get in touch send me a message about anything I’m easy to talk to and I’d love to hear all about you and your life ? x
Hello ,My name is Atti single ..I want to find a good man, who will love me and will want to share with me everything - joy of life and happiness of having family. I am an optimist and I think that everything will work out if you make efforts and believe in your success. I am smiling and merry and it is not difficult to make me laugh. I do not need many things for happiness as even really sincere smile and several nice words can make me happy! I am serious about having a family with a man that possesses traditional family values. I have a lot of dreams but the biggest dream of mine is to meet really big love.if this suit who you are then please get back to me on attipoehope28@yahoo.comHello ,My name is Atti single ..I want to find a good man, who will love me and will want to share with me everything - joy of life and happiness of having family. I am an optimist and I think that everything will work out if you make efforts and believe in your success. I am smiling and merry and it is not difficult to make me laugh. I do not need many things for happiness as even really sincere smile and several nice words can make me happy! I am serious about having a family with a man that possesses traditional family values. I have a lot of dreams but the biggest dream of mine is to meet really big love.if this suit who you are then please get back to me on attipoehope28@yahoo.com
I'M a man to be reckon with great sense of humor, Cheerful & Vibrant, emotional & practical, Attractive looks & pleasing personality, Honesty & Trust worthy, Generous, Amiable, Dynamic, Love to be praised, Patriotic, Fun to be with, Industrious, trendy, infinitely Responsible, Extremely Decent, Warm & Compassionate, Patient & Tolerant, Do or Die attitude, Wise & Witty, Very intelligent, Inquisitive, Active & Intuitive, Emotional lover, Clairvoyant, Nature lover, Humble, Dedicated, Inspiring character, Altruistic&Sympathetic, Friendly with all, Brave&Daring attitude, Attention seeker, Observant, Caring&Loving, Bubbling with enthusiasm, Obedient, Stylish&Fashionable, Star in a crowd, Diplomatic, Exuberant&Cheerful, I appreciate kindness & return it, Magnanimous, Romantic @ heart, Ever ready to learn @ try out new things, Not Introvert but Extrovert & GOD fearing.
Just because im quiet doesnt mean i dont have anything to say. i juudge people to easily from my first impression. i'd rather wait forever for the perfect guy, than settle for anybody. i'm unpredictable & spontaneous. i try to be forgiving. i enjoy being unique. i'd rather look immature and have fun then care what other people think. sometimes im really confident, other time i feel really insecure. my friends mean everything to me, but sometimes i just want to be alone. i envy people who can fit in so easily without even trying. im opinionated & stubborn. but i'm loyal, sincere & caring. i always try to see the best in people....even if they annoy me. i hate when people make me feel guilty to get their way. i'll always be here to listen to your problems & i will stick up for you no matter what happens.
I am not your wife, I am not your girlfriend, I am not your friend, I could be the girl of your dreams or your worst nightmare! I've been a Mistress for almost 6yrs, so i have a lot of experience. Ideally i'm looking for a real slave partner to train and own seriously. I been looking for a sub/slave for a while but haven't found what im looking for yet. I'm very kinky so i get into everything.. I love most those slaves that are near to me so that i can dominate them in real. I can host and i want here in my place. You will treat me with nothing but respect. You will show me much gratitude for allowing you the opportunity to worship me. If you can't handle what I am saying or you do not fully understand,.then LEAVE! if you are interested just message me ..
“I believe the single most significant decision I can make on a day-to-day basis is my choice of attitude. It is more important than my past, my education, my bankroll, my successes or failures, fame or pain, what other people think of me or say about me, my cir***stances, or my position. Attitude keeps me going or cripples my progress. It alone fuels my fire or assaults my hope. When my attitudes are right, there is no barrier too high, no valley too deep, no dream too extreme, no challenge too great for me.â€
i am a serious person when i am doing business and the best comedian to my loved ones. the only thing i think about after a days work is the loved ones i am going home to and what and thing i can do to make them happy. i am not a shy person but i am a careful person and i take time to take actions because when i do take actions, i mean it and i don't regret what ever that comes out of it instead i find a way to amend it
i am here for better people in the world who share with the world need for the good people of the earth. i am a very honesty and sincerity person. very easy going. i do not know why people are still live in the evil ways in life. there are many out side there who need your love,care to strenghten them live up life. let join hand together and make the world a better place. i am very out spoken. love one another.
this is my second account , the 1st one got lost ,i couldnt sign in ,so start again . ok i like to have fun , email fun , msn fun , its good fun ,only for the pleasure . you only get one life so enjoy it as much as possible. i am having a few profile problems , i cant update much , and i cant see my own profile . anyone else having problems.
Hi I'm looking to meet new people to chat to and see how things develop. I am a pretty laid back guy and Enjoy Rock and Indie music and going to music gigs. Enjoy travelling around the UK and also going on holidays abroad. I Enjoy nights and days out with mates having a few beers. Anything else you would like to know just ask :)
"Saying that men talk about baseball in order to avoid talking about their feelings is the same as saying that women talk about their feelings in orderto avoid talking about baseball.""Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly.""Two lives, two hearts joined together infriendship united forever in love." S
i am a very caring man and i like been honest with people, cos my philosophy in life is to make people around me happy cos the best way to be happy is when people around you are doing well i love my job so much i am good looking, hard working and above all i am also God fearing man.
Hello, I am David. I am 27 from Liverpool. I am up for trying new things, almost anything. I looking to meet people. I am a Liverpool FC fan. I like swimming and football and have recently started jogging. I like action and horror films but comedy acts are my favourite.
I'm a features writer for national women's magazines and newspapers. I write real life stories, and I'm looking for people to share their experiences. I work for Medavia, the UKs leading features agency. Generally we offer up to £1500 for an interview.
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Im never very good at filling these out. Im a Liverpool lad, im a big reader who can usually be found sitting in a book store reading. Im enjoy going to pubs in liverpool and while im not a drinker i do down a fair few Red Bulls and Monsters.
Hello Im a single 22 yo Scouser. always up for a laugh and a party. Bang into the rave scene witch as you all know Liverpool is the home of the best ones in the UK! Invite for a chat if ya want or just catch me when im on the Chat rooms. PEACE!
Hi :) Names brendan/rocky and im 19 years old. Im a unisex hairdresser/stylist and an under 21s boxing champion in my spare time :) nothing muchmore i can say, im new to this whole thing so could do with a few buddies :D
hi hope all is doing well there,am here to meet some that we can be together as one in life am a gentle men i don't like problems easy going guy hate deity honest , i like to do other what i will like them to do to me
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am fucking nuts HA HA HA am a relaxed dude with several hobbies as can see from pics and i also like to take the piss dnt take it to heart just me avn fun! wana know more ask...... have a shit day :P
Hey there, well im a decent fun loving caring guy. i know what its play time or time to act serious. love meeting new people and discovering new things. if you want to know more message me! :D
Currently doing forensic science at college, completed my first year yay!!! I have a 3 year old son and a boyf, love them both to bits and wouldn't be without either of them
Hi I'm Laura, 27 years old, from Liverpool, I'm mummy to my gorgeous baby bpy Connor Dylan, and wife to be to my sexy fiancee Mike who I have now been with for 6 years xx
sex? -

Females, within liverpool looking for fun? no strings attached one night stands? or even maybe regular sex? email me, and i will give you my contact details ;) x

scouse and proud. Liverpool to win the FA Cup on 5/5/12!! Should he play Andy Carroll? Will he start with Bellamy? Who will score first? discuss.....
I'm Riley! 23 years old. Single. Guitar & singing for We Rise The Tides. Love metal, horror films, halloween, whiskey, my family and my friends.
Hey everyone, just trying this site out as im really bored and stuck in on a rainy sunday! feel free to message me and cheer me up!! :D xxx
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Hello, My name is Lia i'm not single soo back off boys!! I have a baby boy name Harley-Lee Love Them Both Too bits There My World!!
am am man of integrity and honest to be with all my life i have been looking for woman to be with in my life....
two fun girls looking for some fun:P boy or girls dont really mind. add for a chat and mnaybe more.....
hello my name ashley am from liverpool and if u want to talk ad me on msn on tev000@hotmail.com
Hi new to this at mo so help us out an add me haha anyway ant me I am a cool guy lol get on me
Hello, new here and not sure what to do yet, friendly to chat to so please send me an message
Widowed single mom of 2 sons working as a Data Management and Medical Assistant for Veteran
I am Jackson william,I want a woman who has the ability to share her heart, her mind.
hey girls, new here, dnt no really how to use it, plz add me and talk thanks :) xxx
I'm in love with my dreams, married to success and having an affair with life ;)
im kim, full time mum. fun loving and easy going. love life you only get one!
am a man that like to do to others what i will like others to do to me