Time to (hopefully) meet & have FUN again (Ladies only please - thank you) ;) -

Hello & thanks for taking a look at my add.. My names Gary (from Hertfordshire) i'm straight - genuine - single - have a wicked sense of humour - sociable - respectfull - spontanious - polite - adventurous & FUN. Hoping to find & make new Female friends here that may be interested & should things go good and progress from there - then maybe arrange a REAL meet/date .. I'm very open minded/honest and am happy too answer any questions that you wish to ask me (am certainly not shy either b.t.w - so u REALLY can ask me ANYTHING)lol... ;) As for the type of Female - Any age/religion/size welcome (obviously 18+) i don't ever pre-judge anybody) also like i said i'm very open minded about most things - so happy to become friends/meet with Single/In relationship or Un-happilly Married Women & YES i'm most definitely discreet when required to be).. So over to you - if you think that you could be interested/have anything you wish to ask me then message me back.. Thanks again for taking the time to have a read - Have fun & good luck searching ;) Hugz & stuff ;)' Hot_for_u_69 xxx

hey im dave -

hey whats up im dave , 22 year old currently working in a gym as an instructor, anything else just ask, i have msn= dave22_2@hotmail.co.uk and skype =dave chambers . add me if you like (girls only lol ) see ya

My Names Daniel Smith, Cant Really Think Of Anything Else To Right If You Want To Know More Just Ask Me
new! -

Hi new to this so don't even know what I'm doing so just message me.

Just Looking....lets have some C2C time!! -

Just a single guy looking for some fun since becoming single

Mr Lover-Lee here

Apart from djing I've just come out of running my own pub to find something that doesn't require me every minute of everyday
And some thing much more sociable hours wise

People who know me call me the joker coz I am really. I'll do Wat ever to get everyone laughing. Can't be sat with aload of miserable twats all night lol

Just come out of relationship ended on not so good terms we could never agree on anything honestly hand on heart she couldnt lol I could never do anything right for her in her eyes but that's coz she was to blind to see the good stuff and positives and only concentrated on the negatives which again she mainly caused. So now I'm here single again young and looking to enjoy my life.

That does NOT mean I wanna be a male slag and take anything breathing it means I want to enjoy Wat I have got while I wait until miss right comes along I know she's out there somewhere just gotta be patient and she will come wink.gif trust me that's a promise lol

Right guys/girls I'm always by a comp or my trusty iPhone so message me bout anything I'll reply to every message Wat ever its about trust me I'm not shocked easy. Hope to hear from you soon who ever you are. Speak to you soon x

Name * Kerry aka Kez *

Age * 23 Years Old * !

Location * Hemel Hempstead *

Status * Engaged * !
Children * I got a beautiful little boy

Piercings * Belly,Ears,Tongue + Lip

*Hey on a short note I'm outgoing i love to sing dance and all that shizzle, I *Love* My mates I'm loud sum times I *Love* listening to music dance about in my room or tables i do a lot of singing

F.A.P = Forever Alone Party
Peace Out

I am a fun loving person who just hasn't found the right person yet. I enjoy socialising with friends and family. Alot of my time is taken up by my little boy who is my world but i have a great family who help out too. I love the outdoors but am just as happy to curl up in the evenings with a good dvd and good company. I love trying out new places to eat and I enjoy experimenting with cooking. Before I had my son I did a fair bit of travelling and one day in the future I hope to move to warmer climates. I appreciate a wide range of music and I love a good boogie and enjoy occasional nights out clubbing but would most of the time prefer to dine out instead. Something that is unique about myself is that I am deaf but communicate well with hearing aids and lip reading - I hope this wouldn't be a problem as it has never been a problem to me - I don't rely on sign language but I have signing skills. If your reading this and you like the sound of me please get in touch x
Welcome Dudes and Dudettes to my Profile. You may call me Steven, Stevo, Steve, or if you want to give me your own nickname that is cool, just run it by me first lol :) I'm from just north of London, A place called Hemel Hempstead. I have a wide variety of interests but if I was to label myself, I would say I'm a Uber Geeky Metaller, or something like that, please tell me if you disagree with this :) I have had an account on this site for years, but I have let it go for the last year or so, so I thought i'd give it a refresh, and see if I can make it look better. The reason i'm on this website, is to meet people into the same things as me,. so if we have the same interests or if you want to just speak to me, please leave me a message or comment.
I love life! Everyday is a new experience! I love to help others and enjoy laughing and watching others have a good time! I am a very honest person who will bust meself to achieve goals in life! I don't like watching people get hurt and I will defend people that can't defend themselves! I don't like people who lie or are high and mighty! People who purposely hurt others are scum and should be put away forever! But for the most part I am a content person who believes that we should all stop and enjoy life when ever we can because we are only here a short time and letting life slip by without enjoying it is a waste! I could go on and on but you get the idea of how I am! :)
I have no shame, no boundaries and have absolutely no problem saying what I really think (much to my own detriment most of the time)! Believe me when I say you wouldn't encounter another 'me' in this world or any other. Aussie/Canadian/British mix; and spent the first 18yrs of my life growing up in Asia. Bit of an odd mix I know, but can't help the way I was made or the mould I came from. Which broke for some reason when I was made... go figure! I have a Latin temper, am passionate and driven. I am an enigma, a walking talking contradiction. My own worst enemy and my own best friend.
I believe i was born to be a leader, someone to stand out from the crowd and walk my own path no matter what! even if i was devil's child back in the day. I have no regret because the things that i have done has made me the person i am today. I have been living in the UK now for 3 years more for a fresh start from a bad past but who hasn't had a bad past. :/ (will not go into detail unless you ask) I think i have told enough about myself, Now its your turn to tell me your story...don't be afraid for your story to be told i am here to listen.
hi my name is Sven im up for some fun, maybe a relationship .I would say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, you either fancy someone or you dont. But theres more to life than just looks, you need to have the whole package for it to work. (Whole Package= basic physical attraction,intelectual chemistry,and pureness of heart), without this its not guna work, in my opinion. would lov to meet some genuine people. Sven x
Well its been ages. Just your normal type of guy who loves london and all it has to offer. Working hard to get what I want in life. Never stopping the forward movement of progression. Loving Dub step and the funky basslines some heavy tunes! Getting all messy at the weekends on the occassional day off and really a bit of a geek with an obsession with Eve online and XBOX!
Im Amy im 23 yrs old. Iam hard working and ambitious . looking to meet new people really, im caring and outgoing and would like to meet someone whos on the same level really, someone to make me laugh and chill out. i like going out occasionally and socialising and i like chilling out at home, i love going to the gym and keeping fit.
hi im looking to have some fun just broke up with my girlfriend of 3 years not my fault tho she turned into a coke whore and dumped me for her dealer sucks rite! life goes on and its time to move on and find some new friends and maybe more x
Hi everyone! Keen to chat to some interesting people and have some fun. Hope you do too! Feel free to ask me anything you like. I will try and answer as honestly as I can. Up for anything, life is for living, right? Speak soon!
Very genuine down to earth guy here just looking to meet new people across the globe. Very open, very chatty and friendly and dont like time wasters. Here for chat and friendship. If you wanna know more, just hit me up.
I am a respectable, down to earth, random and funny guy. i like women that say whats on there mind, that are kind and adventurous. I am 6ft7 tall i know its not about quantity but quality as well and i have both x
hey im known as european-rocker because of my huge interest in European Rock Groups mainly i would say i love German Metal im 24 from England anything you want to know justs ask
I write personalised poems for any occasion. Some are lighthearted and meaningful at the same time. This is a job I love. Please check me out at my website. http://goo.gl/G6Zi6
Compare and Recycle is a recycling comparison site that compares the widest range of major recyclers of mobile phones and other electronics. http://www.compareandrecycle.co.uk
I'm a fun loving, smiling, joking kinda person and I believe you shouldn't always take life too seriously, i am here to meet people and have fun with them xxx
im simeon im 20 i live in the uk i like football and solalizing with freinds. i make my own music. i like watching films i am a very atletic person
Dr. Diana Hardy | CEO of Diana Hardy International | Senior pastor of The Victory Lamp | Author | How I Beat Cancer | Intimacy God’s Way
. I am straight!I am make you sexy and enjoy your life. I am available for sex and having fun. let me know and don't be shy :P
i am definitely a cool guy ... looking for friends ... the right girl to date and someone to have a night out or party with.
Proper raver naughty boy......... Youcome to me to be satisfied mentally, physically and emotionally. What am I? LOL.
hey babiess ;) I'm Maria and I'm very interested in finding some new lady friends , lets talkk? ;)
Shy, fun loving, down to earth. If u wana know me properly feel free to av a chat wiv me
Hey everyone, nice to meet you all.. Send me a message if you want to chat more x
Down to Earth Guy, Funny and Friendly. Looking for a right person ...
Laid back guy like to have fun im quite a cheeky one ask me for more
Hello everyone, add me whotobea@hotmail.co.uk. have a nice day
Creative Artist Musician and Writer. Every day is a Sunday...
if you dont have a picture dont send me any messeges!!!
happy golucky easy to get on with am a poroud lesbian
single pringle of 31 very bored needs new friends :)