DO NOT contact me if you do not live in the London U.K area , i just IGNORE your messages and BLOCK you if you add me as a friend!.

i do NOT add men who do not live close to me and neither do i cyber , email, or chat.

DO NOT contact me unless you live closeby and wish to meet and are NOT caucasian. i am here to SERVE dark cock in London only.

Sexy tgirl (transvestite) looking for no strings, no reciprocation fun with Black/Dark Skinned and Ethnic (non-caucasian) men aged 25 -49.
i get on my knees and suck or i get on all fours and ride you with my ass - SIMPLE as that. You WILL love it.
Sorry i had to select "female" gender , this interface is stuck in the dark ages with no transgender option.
i have just joined the site and will add much more to my profile at a later date.

New Start............................................ -

Food I like eat: Cajun & Creole, Indian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Pizza, Thai, Vegetarian, World Cuisine. Favourite Food: Indian and others foods TV I Like: Documentaries, Dramas, Music, Reality TV, Sitcoms, Soaps. Movies I Like: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Family, Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller, War, Western. Scenes: Clubbing, Parties, Dinner Parties, Pubs, Outdoors, Hanging out with friends. Entertainment: Computer games, Dancing, Live music, Movies/Film, Nightclubs/Parties, TV/Videos/DVDs. Favourite Place: Cyprus, Spain and Brazil Sports & Activities Sports: Exercise, Billiards/Pool/Snooker, , Tennis/Racquet sports, Walking, Weight training. Other Activities: Cars, Collecting, Internet, Shopping, Travel. Possessions Important Ones: Car, Clothes, Decks/Music System, Games Console, Mobile Phone. Favorites Animal: Bangla tiger Status: I work As: Builder/ Handyman Looks Height: 5'10" / 1.78m

hi Ladies -

Hi ladies jus on here having a lil look around. If you wana get to know me just send me a lil message :) and the name is NOT IRONIC ;)

Photographer based between London and Malibu, CA I'm sitting here deliberating over what to write, concerned that if I include things like ' I'm attractive' then I'll sound like a horribly arrogant person, on the other hand I believe I'm supposed to be selling myself... these things are indeed a quandary! That said I will write this truthfully and hope I don't come off as conceited or offend anyone in the process. I aim to give a good idea of who I am and hope I don't end up rambling! I'll start with the physical because as much as I (and I think most people) am interested in the cerebral and emotional side of individuals I need to have some sort of physical attraction as a starting point. I look fairly young for my age and used to be told I was a pretty boy quite often, though now I'm a little more manly. I have blue eyes, full lips, high cheekbones, a small nose, small ears, tidy eyebrows and soft hair. I have been asked to model several times including for Ralph Lauren and have done some modeling in the last couple of months, but please don't take this as an indication that I am shallow. I'm not sure what to make of this but a 19 year old recently asked me if I was at university, I replied by telling her my age to which she incredulously replied that there was 'no way' I was over 20. She then called over several friends who all had fun guessing my age - the oldest they could come up with was 24. It took a friend of mine (who thought it was all rather funny) to convince them all of my real age! I only recently stopped being asked for ID in bars. It can be frustrating (and embarrassing) at times, but hopefully I'll be a well preserved 40! I have very soft, sensitive skin, slender wrists and am not hairy. My bum is completely hairless (naturally) and the rest of my body is not hairy for a bloke, I don't even have a '5 o'clock shadow' as my facial hair only grows in certain areas and grows quite slowly - if I don't shave for a few days people often ask if I have shaped 'designer stubble', but it grows tidily completely naturally. I have slim legs that are quite long for my height, a round bottom and a nice back. I wouldn't describe myself as muscular, but I have a decent, toned physique. Onto the thinking and feeling side of me: I was fortunate enough to go to very good schools and consider myself quite well educated and reasonably intelligent. I have an enquiring mind and am open to all sorts of new experiences, I particularly enjoy learning about what makes people tick. I love a good conversation, enjoy hearing people enthuse about their passions - it's enchanting when somebody talks about something they truly love. I am given to philosophical debate at times and feel the world and it's inhabitants are eternally absorbing. I'm a bit of a softie, often introspective but can be a very bad boy too. I am non-judgmental, given my multi-faceted personality it would be ridiculous of me to point the finger - I know never to 'judge a book by it's cover' as I know that when people look at me they have no clue what kink lurks below the surface! I am loyal, caring and sensitive, I love to laugh and it gives me huge pleasure to know that other people are enjoying themselves. I can be quite generous and certainly believe that it is 'giving that we truly receive'. My life has taught me to be humble and I feel grateful for the hand I've been dealt. I am single with no kids, I have parents and siblings that I love dearly, a job at which I excel that keeps me stimulated. My work takes me all over the world (I spend about half the year in Southern California) but I also travel in my spare time. I am interested in the arts (painting, film, photography) and enjoy good food.
NSA fun in London -

up for anything, willing to try anyone as long as your female. Independent, brave enough to try most things, that aren't smelly.

I have always had slim women in my life and as my main hobby is my boat which has narrow walkways and hatches, I am seeking a slim or petite female
If you wish, ask and I will give you my mobile number because everyone wants to chat.I am on MSN, Yahoo and Skype so ask for my email addresses after we have spoken if that helps and you would like us to get together.

hey I from east london, geniune down to earth guy just looking for fun.. and a good laugh!!! Lots of sex

My name is Kim Walsh -

I’m loving, caring and very-very sensitive girl with a great personality! I’m just don't want to be alone – I want to fell in love and be happy! Do you want the same?

2kiz -

"im here for a good time nt a long time" pin 21bb95d3. x

cool headed guy, ambitious and care person. wanna go and hv a date with lovely and simply unique lady, to share words and have fun out there.

Where are all the interesting people -

Hey I'm looking to meet interest people on this site, I'm 5ft 6in Voluptuous, with a good sense of humour, I'm also very curious so if your not afraid of me asking you questions then why not add me and lets be curious together

Jonny from SE London seeking new friends to chat and have fun with. Open minded with a gsoh...come say hi

hiiii -

well im josh im 23 years of age , i live in south west london ( im always in east london ) , im up for anything with anyone ! if your interested drop me a message !

hey ladies -

what to say...lookin for some fun and new ways to satisfy my never endin need y'all know what i mean

Tenashae -

This is all blaber really.. if you wana kno anything just give me a message :)

youlll have to ask. Ain't got time for this at the moment.. icon_razz

This is Luqman from Eastern World. I had been Member of this site since 2006 but last month my profile gets deleted by my Stupid Friend and i lost my all contacts Respected Friends. I am here not 2 Playing around Gal's hurts there emotions and feelings but for Very True Real Relationship and Part. I Love all Humans but nobody Loves me i dunno why. I hope 1 day someone would Feel the real for me.I Love you All

Normal, happy, humerous guy, looking for a similar sort of woman who wants to get to know a man she can trust and perhaps share life, long term, but I will accept it may have to start on a casual friendship basis, due to female caution. I am not into one night stands, as love is for life, not just one night. I am single, no baggage and not here to play games like some do. There are still a few of us good guys left. Love is a journey, not a destination, so jumb on board and lets see where we arrive, we may like the place and stay there. Thanks for reading my profile and if I am not your cup of tea,then try a coffee, LOL, but I wish you luck in your search. Happy days xx
Hi and thanks for taking the time to look at my profile. I am an easy going person who is looking to chat with nice people. I'm a director and have two brands one is around the creative media industry and the other is more centered around the third sector. I also volunteer with rough sleepers and the homeless in central London providing immediate help and support them in to accommodation and employment. Please feel to drop me a line and lets see if we can get on
My Name Is David Im from East London im a kuli for people who dont know wat that is, is half indian/half black mixed.4 tha people who dont know.OK. On This Rap Ting On Tha Rootz Of Where This Shit Started.... Chek Out Tha Riddims just a Quick Taster 4 You,if want more just ask!!i like Rappin,Mc'in just chillin in tha studio wid my crew Making beats Wit My Producer,Got My Studio (InDaScopeS Studios) Gettin Some More Equip 4 it Just Gota Flip Sum More Brikz lol.Blazin,playin computers, Clubbin,Parties,chillin wit my brederins , watchin films, playin football, basketball an anything else physical...i believe that im very determined inlife and i would like to achieve so many things while i or msg me if ya wanna know more ;-) And All These Girls that think that they are to buff 4 their own good!!! Its Easy!!! Big Up My Street GiFteD Crew Comin soon! My Hustlers,My Close Friends & Family and nebody who knows me and tryin to get out this Bullshit.And Fuck Dem Snakes And Haters tryna get my Paper. D aka ScopesStreet GiFteD 4 LIFE!!!!!!Big Up THA TEAM AND THA FANZ!!!And Fuck Tha Haters!!!PLAY DEM RIDDIMS!!!! N CHECK OUT MORE TUNEZ N VIDZ AT: U Gota Like 1!! AND THE CHICKS WHO JUST MSG'S YOU ONCE WHY WASTE YOUR TIME! Thank You For Lookin At My Profile !!! 1
Some one to share my world -

Where do I start... I’m a Bad Boy Gone Good! Yeah I know, do people really change? Well I did. I guess everybody gets their epiphanies at some point. Well I had mine shortly after reading a book called Woman Vs Womaniser. ‘This is the Book Men Do Not want Women to Read’. This book blew me away. I could see my bad boy behaviour spiral out of control and leave me for broke!! I werent gonna let that happen to me...No Way! It made me question my behavior towards women. Anyway, the 'new' me thinks about womens you should really treat others, how you want to be treated. Ever heard of the saying 'what goes around, comes around'?? Well let me tell you its true! Read Woman Vs Womaniser and you'll know exactly where I'm coming from. I now know that the reason for my old ways was due to not finding 'the one', but I know that I'm now a better guy for going through the changes and realising I can be a bigger and better person and that I share it all with someone who means Everything to me. Ladies, I may be in touch with my emotions, but doesnt mean I dont like to play hard! Apparently I ‘m Hilariously funny, ambitious, and sweet. The rest you will have to find out for yourself. - Nothing beats person to person! I will try and respond to every message.

hi there im are you?wanna chat?add me and message me -

Name is Neesha :) I have always winced at the thought of online dating… but in the name of open-mindedness, f*** it. After being thoroughly disappointed in the trashy local nightlife, I have come to the conclusion that meeting people here might not be the worst idea. So, here goes… Despite being very busy, I make it a point to find the time for doing the things I like and spending the time with people who I care about. I like people who have brains, humor and wit, spunk, self-confidence, resilience, strength of character, a willingness to learn and be taught, those who have been through some sh-t in life and pushed through it. I think video games are retarded – I want my future kids to be cut up and bruised from climbing trees and riding bikes, not fat-assed in front of the TV being conditioned for army drone piloting. That goes for my partner as well. No small penises seriously, douchey facial hair sytles like the Berkeley Beard, anal-retentive chinstrap or Flavr Savr, high maintenance egos, military men/law enforcement, and guys who spend more than an hour a day at a gym. If you are over 69, no dice.

You only live once, make the best of it! SMILE :-) -

First - NO PICTURE NO CHAT, IT'S NOT BLIND DATE !!! On a more serious mote, I never get jealous when I see my ex with someone else, because my parents always taught me to give my used toys to the less fortunate! (just something funny i read on someone`s wall on f/b lol) I`m a direct person, confident, outgoing, ambitious, hard working, loyal, reliable, fun, adventurous, exciting intelligent, open minded and receptive of other people`s feelings. I like learning new things, experience, I can sometime have random thoughts, cheeky ideas, I love to travel, watching films, going out and I love life. I`m a musical person, creative, i have an electric piano at home and i compose music for my self and even for a few rock bands here in london. Up until a year a go I was working as Sound Engineer working on cruise ships, used to also sometimes travel in the US to work in theaters and live music shows. Recently i completed studies in mental health, NVQ3 in health & social care and i`m working for a special project with people with mental health illnesses. i`m not english, half white and half middle eastern,

younger women looking for older men -

The Premier Online Community for serious singles who are looking for age gap relationships(older men dating younger women and older women dating younger men)! Meet hot older women, handsome younger men, rich older men, beautiful younger women for compatibility and serious relationships. Society has long become more open to the idea of older man - younger woman relationship and older woman - younger man relationship as well. Hollywood has brought in the practice of successful older men looking for younger women. With actresses such as Catherine Zeta Jones marrying Michael Douglas with an age gap of 25 years and remarking it as 'Love sees no age limits'. If life is offering you a chance to be with a person you like, then grab it while you can. Do what makes you happy, whether you feel like dating an older man or dating a younger man. With the unique certified members system on, you can directly find someone real, serious and of quality. Totally Free To Place Profile! And Connect with millions of quality members now! Every serious single is welcome here.

Everything I need to know about life I got from watching Jeremy Kyle .. Over time you will blame me and grow hostile when I don't fulfil every need you've ever had. Bonus points if you just finished dating every man on your friends list but now want to take your time with me. My perfect night would include getting hammered in a sh*ty night club or bar while you flirt with randy young men, - yours or mine, it doesn't really matter. I would be open to an unsatisfying fling but prefer a long-term, Age unimportant, but I often condescend to woman under 30 and rehash father issues with women over 45 lol I regret nothing in this life look back and smile because it made me who i am today .Been on my own an awfully long time spider web grows near my balls so really need someone who doesn't feel threatened by my independence. Although my friends are all settled down now I've never felt like a spare part but it would be great to have my own partner in crime :) This said I also enjoy the quieter things in life.....long walks, intimate dinners, shared bottles of wines, duvet Sundays
Hi everyone i'm Junior and I’m 23, and before you ask are you really 23, well yes I’m 23 it’s just that some people say that I have a baby face, which is sometimes good and sometime bad. I’m from North London. I just graduated with a masters in computer Computer Science and physics at the University of Sussex. I’m an individual with many ambitions in life. I’m a very energetic person who loves to play various sports. I’m friendly and easy to get on with, love to socialize with friends and love to meet new people. I am on this site to meet new people but if the right girl comes along then that would be good. The type of girls are like have to be funny, smart, someone I can talk 2 about my deep feelings, a girl that knows what she’s doing with her life, and has ambitions. If u have taken time 2 read this then thank you because not everyone reads this. If you want to know a bit more about then don`t hesitate to ask me question.
Coming in the next two weeks.... New & Exclusive to Faces! Talent phone competition with the chance to win cash prizes up to £250.00 Talent Phone Competition, Where you have the chance to Win £250 Every Week !! Welcome to Phone StarZ, where the phone is your mic. Whether you are a singer or a rapper of any style of music you are welcome to have a go... Our panel of judges will listen to all recordings and pick a winner every Friday. All successful singers will receive a text or email. All winners and runners up will be announced via FaceBook every Friday. 1st Prize £250 2nd Prize £x runner up’s £*PHONE TALENT COMP**PHONE TALENT COMP**PHONE TALENT COMP**PHONE TALENT COMP* *PHONESTARZ**PHONESTARZ**PHONESTARZ**PHONESTARZ**PHONESTARZ**PHONESTARZ* *PHONE TALENT COMP**PHONE TALENT COMP**PHONE TALENT COMP**PHONE TALENT COMP* *PHONESTARZ**PHONESTARZ**PHONESTARZ**PHONESTARZ**PHONESTARZ**PHONESTARZ*
Submissive London girl wanted... -

Hallo there, I'm a 36yo good looking guy living in London, well educated with a creative mind and a dominant attitude. I'd like to get in touch with girls who have fantasies and/or experience as a submissive in sexy games. I'm quite experienced though there are always new things that are worth to try. What I particularly like: tieding up with ropes/belt/handucuffs, blindfolding, spanking, verbal abuse and more generally roleplay scenarios (kidnapping, blackmail, whore, secretary, etc). I can inflict pain but I'm not for anything too extreme. If you like to find out more send me a message with a brief introduction (please no two liners), picture is appreciated if you haven't got it on your profile and gets mine. I'm up for talking and, of course, some action. PS for narrow minded people: all the activities mentioned above are always consensual and part of a game, like it or not.

Contact me -

Hello my name is Jorge Adalbrecht attractive man, Mix race warm and easy going man with a passionate heart. I would love to find a soulmate and an interesting woman to start a serious relationship with. My moto is :Life is beautiful and we deserve the best out of it.I'll appreciate if you write your contact info. I’m looking for someone who enjoys having intellectual conversations and enjoys a good book., challenge me! Music nerds, get at me. I like any genre. I can chill out listening to jazz or amp up for a live concert. Kindness, sincerity, and humor are all things I look for in a woman. Having a sense of humor is important. I laugh at myself all the time. I want someone who lives life to the fullest, looking for new adventures around every corner.

Crackberry: 21c1358a FB: jujubeanz #dont use this often u see! I"m an amateur boxer(coach kids aswell), Poet and 9-5 Slave! (Luvly combo ryt?!) A few of my thoughts below: ::::::::: Jujuquote #1: Be careful of those who try to discourage your burning passion, they"ve placed an extinguisher close by. Jujuquote #2:A life spent worrying about what others think of you, is an insult to the dead... Jujuquote #3: Devaluation of goals by others, should serve as the nitrous to propel you forward. If you like the way I put my "pen to paper", check out some of my poems, visit - feedback much appreciated!!
find dating singles -

hello friends if you are single and you are looking for singles partner so dont worry you can find your match making partner at our site this site is based on dating here you can find girls and boys at your near location for dating and also dat with your matchmaking partner at around the world so simply you can use the service of our site firstly you have to sign up in our site . in this site you use site services limited if you want to use it more days for permanent membership so go to paid page and you have to paid for permanent membership. so dont wait and start with our site

charlz27 -

i neva no wat2 write here, so i end up wofflin crap, i apologise from now,hmm were do i start ME, i lyk2fink im honest, fun, open minded, carin must admit im abit weird at tyms, wel not weird but i do cum out wit random stuf.i lyk2 fink im kool ppl:-) i luv singin n dancin so clubbin is lyk heaven4 me, i also lyk readin, goin pictures,n i really luv me music, u name it, ive got it, (part frm country)i lyk goin2 gigs, n da theatre aswel,umm not sure wat else2write so wat u wana no ask....... lookin4sum1 who`s different, sum1 who makes me smile, n has a mind of e own, sum1 who`s lyk 22-30 wud b kool aswel.

My name is Ania im 17yo just moved to london 2 months ago originally from Poland. I like older men not boys! prefer black or mixed race men as we dont get them in Polski! lol my english is not amazing but i know how to say yes! i dont like men who are shy i like to be told lol im trying to do some modelling but not very good so far would love to be a model or cabin crew for plane when i leave college. say hi to me and dont be shy im a girl who is not offended i like how black men are honest with what they want lol you know what i mean say a naughty comment on my photos so i can tell exactly what you want
Hi everyone! Ok so where do I start... Firstly a little bit about me.. Im tall and friendly.. I am very much into my sports - watching and playing. I used to play rugby professionally when I was 18, but I had to stop due to injuries. I used to work as a fireman, but now I have a new job in property. I LOVE to eat quavers crisps.. i think thats my one weakness in life. I always enjoy listening to music, and for a big guy I can still 'get down' on the dance floor with relative ease and smoothness... HA! I guess i'm just on here to chat and make new friends. I like women who are thoughtful and clever..
i am looking for woman to -

I'm 21 from Hertfordshire, work full time! I like socialising and meeting new people!! I enjoy drinking and going out with mates, I like shopping going out for meals,I enjoy most things!! By the way girls if you don't like what you see then sod of as your old enough to except people for who they are and what they have or haven't got!!! I muust say I do like showing my boobs I'm making the most of it while I can like saying goes if you got it FLAUNT it!!!! If you wanna no anymore drop me a message if I like you ill message back!! Men I don't wanna cam I don't want sex I just want friendship !!!

looking fir female friends -

Hello ladies i,m 48 so i wont expect too much attention as i am not on here looking for younger women over 25 us fine as long as you like men of my age then its cool well abt me i,m fit and healthy work hard play harder love to go out and be adventurous nothing excites me more than to compliment a pretty woman if i say you look stunning i mean that would love to meet someone who is active dont like women who just wants to sit in and get stoned or watch tv all day (boring).so if u fancy a bit of a laugh just msg me xxxxxxxx

Right... I hate this bit. How do you describe yourself??? I'm quite fun loving and I adore meeting new people and making friends. I don't have a lot of close friends and the ones I have a very important to me, although when I am betrayed it can be hard to earn my trust back. I am passionate about the things I care about and can be rather headstrong and stubborn but I pride myself on trying to take other people's views into account. I treasure having the time to curl up with a good film and a hot chocolate and relax
Treat A Girl Like A Princess And Maybe She'll Treat You Like Her Prince..... I Aint Fake, But Im Human I Make Mistakes. YOLO Been Living On That Word Be4 It Even Became Popular. My Mum Taught Me How To Treat Girls Thats Why I Would Never Cheat Or Disrespect A Woman. I Work + Drive + Live On My Own = Gold Diggers, I Have Noproblem With Spending Money On Future Wifey Just Hate Golddiggers. Im Educated So Dont Take Me For A Fool Just Because Your Half Naked On Your Picture Dont Believe Im Dum.
Seen the profile, take the next step drop me a msg -

I'm a Digital Artist | Motion Graphic Designer & a Club Events organiser from London. I’m very creative, abit of an eccentric, wild and sometimes crazy (the good type of crazy), I love the nightlife, I'm a master in the kitchen with Caribbean foods being my main dish, I love to make people laugh and fill happy & confident about themselves. If liked anything about my profile, just take a deep breath, be bold and drop me a msg, it's as simple as that ..really it is! PIN: LPJ9JSXH

-well, i'm married to a guy, but we're swingers, females only-yes, no lie, I'm upfront, but very friendly, if you don't want to play-then we can be friends only if you want, upto you. Don't like me? just block me-so I won't bother you no more. If you're a couple, then I will ONLY be interested in FEMALE not MALE. I have "Straight Sex" JUST with my husband, but we like sexing ladies, one on ones, just you and me, or just you and him. OR our fav. 3somes! Sayonara!
Whats goin on people...I'm new to this site sooo...bear with me while I figure my way around still and how do what and what does what. I'm easy going and like to meet new people, I also like people to ask questions rather than me going on about my life so if you want to get to know me better or what not, don't be shy to send a message - I don't bite even if you ask the most personal question....otherwise if u got blackberry?.... add me on bbm 2258a41d ;)
Looking for Top Men for Sfe fun -

Hi I'm raheel afta sum Safe fun im Passive and like Guyz any age in London local to E1-E8 i can accom in E1 (with Notice) like guys who know how to be Top and the bigger the better, and Prefer fit guys, muscles is nice , shud smell good and be clean and not over hairy! . if you drive you have Priority in meeting me IF you collect me from near my place and then go to yours and you drop me back later # Need a Contact Number Before we meet. x

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Just fun after my parties -

Hey girls, I am a promoter in London that hosts fantastic and sometimes naughty parties every weekend... I would like to invite you to my parties: ENTRY and DRINKS are for FREE ..the AFTER PARTY at my palce is gonna be LOT OF FUN Please have a look on my event and contact me for parties & afterparties Mobile email: hope to see u lots of you babes

Genuine London Guy -

Hi ya im from london, im easy going, down to earth,like fun and alaugh.Go out to usual places,clubs,bars,cinema etc. Im on here as i like to make friends and meet new people. So ladies if you like a challenge or guy of mystery dont be shy, i wont bite unless you want me to,lol And yes i do have face pics all you have to do is just ask nicely lol my facebook Marc Paul James

i have found myself here in search of a woman who is a individual..although i look like a typical young black man i tend to deviate from the cultural norms..i.e street mentality etc and i am searching for the same qualities in the opposite sex..once the ice is broken i tend to try and make people laugh as much as possible..really im just here to have fun so come join in!!
Mirror Edition -

Right now I am hungry and can't think straight. So a quick note before I migrate to the kitchen. You may have gathered by now that I love my three meals-a-day, so cannot wait to get off this email. I don't have a description since I am not a product of thing; but if its fun, count me in :) I do work had aswel, how else would I be able to afford the fun :)

hello -

I am honest,caring, easygoing,sincerelly,good, open minded,faithfull,god fearing,romatics,i love to fish and go outing like swimming.i like to meet the right woman.. some one who is caring and sincerelly to me.. who can love me for who i am and not what i have. someone with faith and honest,please add me up on

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