Adult Fun Wanted Only -

I'm looking for a female or couple m/f who can accomodate on most saturday evenings for some good adult fun. I'm W/E and love giving and getting oral sex. I'm quiet open minded and always willing to try new things.

hello im james, im 23 years of age, i love going out socialising and having a good time, i also love my films and music, im easy going and easy to get on with, i enjoy meeting new people whenever i get the chance,

I'm a very happy,go- lucky,bubbly kind of woman and I am very sociable, love meeting new people to have a bit of fun and a laugh with :) you can add me on msn or skype Amanda.steadman888 ,we can have a chat :) xx
Hello all. I am David. I am not good at filling these things out, any questions please ask. Large where it matters and good with my tongue. Happy go lucky person, does not easily take offence. Photo not yet sorted, i have uploaded one but it will not let me show it (have just found it is waiting approval), but i am sure you will not be disappointed ;) Anything else you want to know, then please ask
Hi my names Kaylee, i'm going to skip the fake parts by saying oh i'm a nice girl and i'm looking for love and prince charming and all that crap. i'm going to be honest and tell you how it is about me. everyone who wants to chat to me should read this and pay attention before you even message me i don't want anyone messaging me saying you have an attitude yeah i do, so what Fuck off with my capital F you don't know me or know what i've been through so don't judge me so go Jog = Do 1. don't bother saying oh can i see your tits or you have a nice body babe marry me please no foriegn guys either = russian, polish, indian, pakistan, afgan, or any other greasey looking sllimeballs Piss off with my capital P not interested i'm not racist i'm just me and i'm painfully honest i don't like you Do 1 = Jog on. Right now as you can tell i'm honest i have an opinion yeah what because i'm female i'm not allowed yes i'm a bitch and a good one at that. i'm a self confessed shopaholic, shoeaholic, sexaholic, i drink i smoke maybe too much at times but i don't care i'm only here once. i'm aggressive i'm arguementative, i love to dance i love my family but i love/hate my sister. I love dogs but i hate cats, i own more clothes then i need, i collect handbags, i have a vast collection of lipstick, i own sexy underwear, i don't drive, im lazy i sleep alot, when i'm drunk i'm not faithfull, i should grow up but i wont, i'm independent, i like RNB music, i paint my nails far too much, i love mirrors yes i'm vain, i'm hard to handle, i'm loving, i'm evil, i'm good, i'm bad, i hate cheap wine, i love malibu, i get hyper on red bull, i don't do one night stands. i like kissing, being told i'm beautiful, i hate wimpy men, i love chocolate, don't ask me if i spit or swallow, i like muscles, i love chinese food, i hate curry, i cant stand politics and hate war, when i'm grumpy leave me alone, spoil me, i hate jealous people but i'm a jealous person myself, i hate smelly feet, i don't do webcams, no you can't have my number, no i won't marry you, i'm scared of the dark, i love comedy movies, i hate reading so read the paper for me, i love massages but i hate giving them, i hate men who snore, i'm a diva. if you have anything interesting to say message me if not then why you still here.
Hi :)Im 19 years old and I am currently working in two pubs and also preparing to start university in March 2015. As you can see from my pictures im not a size 6 :/ and to be quite honest I really wouldn't want to be skinny. I have gorgeous legs and im not ashamed to say it and I love getting dressed up. I love getting my hair done and my nails; I am always presentable unlike some people. I really dont understand why people actually leave the house looking a right state, it doesnt take a lot to do your hair and put a bit of make up on :s...I am a dancer. No not a pole dancer even though i wish i could do that but no I do ballroom and latin dancing and I will say myself that I am an amazing dancer, maybe thats big headed but I am a really good dancer and ive got all the trophies to prove it. I have only had two boyfriends so obviously i don't just go out with anyone even though I love flirting. I love cocktails !!!! I do like my boyfriends to be really gentleman like for example; holding doors open, paying on dates, helping with my shopping, walking me to my door at the end of the night, playing with my hair at night and cuddles in bed... Talk to me im friendly :*
I am a very out going person who loves to be adventurous. I like hanging out with family/friends and sharing a nice bottle of wine. I enjoy lots of different things and try to live life to the fullest. I get excited about trying something new at least once anyway. I enjoy reading a good book, listening to music of all kinds, or watching a movie with someone special. I am looking to broaden my horizons. I am a very confident /independent person who makes family and friends a top priority. I am looking for someone who is laid back, enjoys socializing and hanging out with family / friends, as a great out look on life and positive attitude, strong family values, and independent. If you can make me laugh your off to a great start. Must be a confident person who knows what he wants and goes for it. He also must be able to have a conversation on a wide range of subjects. If you're intrested email me xxxxx
right well what can i say im a huge nightwish fan, i love other music too aslong as it sounds good ill have a listen but none of that death metal / black metal / doom metal. i am 25 years old currently in the UK but would like to see myself moving to germany in the not so distant future, i love my football its my life i support FC Bayern München and ofcourse Deutschland (Germany) i am really easy going i like to talk lots and like hearing peoples problems or just be a shoulder to cry on i guess if i could find little bit of love i could stay here but i wouldnt tempt fate by assuming so at the moment it is how it is until something drastically changes :D
On Sunday afternoons I like to continue the screwing we started on Saturday night. Sexually, I'm pretty open to a "friends with benefits" situation. When I'm out driving I feel completely free on my motorcycle. The philosophy I live by is don't judge, but always stay true to my personal set of values. I get along best with people who are always looking for new people, places and experiences. When I'm at home alone, I'm working out and exercising a lot. I look forward to seeing how the online dating world works. If you contact me please give me some time to reply as I'm pretty busy.
DJ put that record on, that's my song, that's my shit, poppin' Henny XO, all these hoe's on my dick, betcha wanna see this booty bounce, betcha wanna see this booty bounce. elle.twenty-two.essex....? my megane convertible. iPhone. cute texts. mr hudson. sleeping. miami vice. long journeys. cuddles. brandy & coke. handbags. sambucca. walking along broadstairs beach. late nights. my best friend. london. uggs. b&h silver ciggarettes. glee. apple lucozade. boston legal. music. photography. - these are all the things i love.
Well, I'm down to earth, independent & loyal. My friends say I'm funny (my SOH is quick-witted and truthful). Enjoy a bit of banter, bars, restaurants & comedy. I care but enjoy not caring. Anyway, I'm looking for some new friends. Fun, with no ties. That can come on nights out and do things together. Recently took my wild side out of the closet so I'm enjoying going out, having a good time. I Love R&B, Funky House, anything except heavy metal really! Also enjoy eating out, seeing friends, chilling indoors.
Hi, thanks for taking the time to look at my profile and pics, a few things to say, firstly i'm looking mainly for a relationship, i havent got time for men that message me saying holla at me blah blah blah not interested! However i am bi curious and am open to experimenting while im single so if theres any ladies that wanna message me thats cool too :-) aint got time for attitude or haters so if u like what u see u know what to do, if not u know where the X is ;-) xxx
im out going, laid back, like having fun dont take everything too serious. i like getting tattoos, have a half sleeve at moment looking to get both arms fully tatt'd soon. got both ears pierced.. i drive an rx8 aka the silver batmobile. i like listening hip hop and rnb. i like watching tv when im home shows/films like entourage, californication, south park, forgetting sarah marshall, superbad, hangover, get him to the greek, dark knight, the crow ect..
Always smiling & forever blowing kisses :-) SINGLE [ ] TAKEN [ ] WINNING! [X] Everyone says love hurts, but that isn't true. Loneliness hurts. Rejection hurts. Losing someone hurts. Envy hurts. Everyone gets these things confused with love, but in reality love is the only thing in this world that covers up all pain and makes someone feel wonderful again. Love is the only thing in this world that does not hurt.
Hi my name is Billy, my main intrests are family and friends and also music. Main type of music i enjoy is rock and roll and rock. I also like watching films and football when i got the time. I like to go out with friends for a drink. I like meeting new people and maybe find someone special to spend my time with. I work in retail and i do not enjoy it much. If you want to know more just get in touch.
My name is Jamie-Lee im 19 years old, i have been with my boyfriend 5 years in febuary. I like cooking, reading, spending time with my boyfriend and family, im normally on here,msn or facebook. I have 1 tattoo and 2 piercings. I like all kinds of music but at the moment i really like drum n bass and dubset,Im always up for a chat and a laugh so add me or message me if u wanna no more :)
Good to be here though am new,i would like to get to meet good people and be friends,to see what comes on with time,we might be of good friends and something more than just being friends might come on with time. I have a very easy life amd i lpve nature alot,any and everything good about nature,hope to have a good chat and see how it goes here ....
hi.My friends say.Im kind,friendly,honest.I love all types of music.But my Fav is R&B.My hobbies are waliking with my dog.watching football,reading and playing pool.I also like to travel the world.Best holiday ST Lucia.I am a romantic guy.How likes to treat a girl like a princees.And to wine & dine tem.I like cosy nights in and out
funny out going gd sence of humor love to meet new people alwayz up for larf love my family always there for me .love n miss my sister never forgotten i wouldnt be here if wasnt for you looked up to you so much ... ad lot of ups n downs in my lyf :( but pulled threw alot x i just won sumone dats likes me 4 who i am :(
Hi I'm Emily, I graduated from University last year and am now settling into working life while trying to fit in as much traveling, theatre, cinema and meals with friends as I can! I'm looking to make a few new friends on here with similar interests to myself, feel free to pop by and say hi!
..Hey Hey People.. My name is Jerome, Im 24yrs old & my birthday is 30th Sept. I live in essex, but was born & raised in SE London. Im about 5ft10, Mixed race & have brown eyes. I use MSN Sometimes, I Have FaceBook I Use A BlackBerry Will Add More Soon, Anything you want to know just ask
I'm just looking for some good adult fun with no ties ect, I can't accomdate but can travel within reason East London or Thurrock, I'm well endowed and i'm always willing to please with oral and any other form of sex. I'm dom aswell and like to take control and get what i want...
I love to watch football, swim, ski, reading, travelling, movies, going out with friends, cinema, meeting new people. I love travelling and have just come back to England from travelling around Thailand, Australia and Singapore for 3 months!
"The Two Jonnies are based in Colchester, Essex. They have been performing as a duo since Early 2008. . . Splicing together several genres of music from acoustic to medieval. The Two Jonnies are one-of-a-kind original."
I'm Luke 23/m/Essex Single. I love short haired women, but long haired ladies too Enjoy going out clubbing, pubbing, socialising + meeting new people Sex Football + Tennis keeps me fit (ish) Holla at me.
this life is full of everything sometimes we cry sometimes we laugh sometimes we find ourselves in a situation we can afford but we try i am in that situation now and thats why i am seeking for a woman