Hello Ladies :-) I'm a bored intellectual from Huddersfield. I have a Cheeky attitude and im very outspoken. i wear my heart on my sleeve and say what i think, often without any sugar coating. i hate selfishness, Bullies and anyone else who finds enjoyment in the suffering of others. i spend my days switching between being in absolute awe of all the beautiful things in the world to overwhelming despair at all the bad things people do :-( im recently out of a relationship :-( and still not over it yet, so i'm looking for friends (with or without benefits) with an open mind for possible relationship in due time. i have close to zero responsibilities at the moment (only my kittycat) and hope to travel the world while i still have chance. i especially want to see Japan for everything there. go to the u.s.a to fire guns and see a thunderstorm/tornado or maybe sit through a hurricane. Things about you Essential attributes: Slim, Confident, independent, eloquent, sensitive and have Good manners. would be nice if: you enjoy dancing and are good at it (i am), have a high sex drive, prefer rough sex, already have or don't want children and enjoy intelligent conversations. Don't bother contacting me if you: Are overweight, Cant speak in complete sentences, watch jeremy kyle or disagree with my policy of making dead the following people: Piers morgan, jedward, christiano ronaldo, russel brand and simon armitage. External Links A small fraction of the music i Love http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3C1834B443DB8C55 My Facebook http://www.facebook.com/LiamskiP?sk=info Feel free to add me on facebook if you prefer or if you dont get a fast response to your mail. Keep Safe peeps, Liam X

Well i wasn't expecting to have to do a new profile...maybe this means ive got chance to make myself sound interesting. No. I've wasted it again by talking rubbish. I knew i shouldve thought it through! Anyway, if you want to find out what I'm ACTUALLY like...say hi! You never know...it might be better than this paragraph suggests :-p

Hey everyone My Names Marc I'm an online sales manager at a opticians in Doncaster, but i live in Leeds. I also produce and mix Dubstep. I used to play gigs quite a lot but with my new job i've had to calm down a bit from all that lol I'm also into graphic design which i've been doing for a while. Love my comedys aswell, always give me too much jokes! Can watch anything though I'm looking to meet someone i can just have a nice chat with and get to know them. Plus making some new friends along the way!
I am a very outgoing person with a good sense of humour. I am easy to get along with take people as I find them never judge. I am looking for _ well I don't know but when I find it I will let you know.
Hey guys and gals, My name is Emma, I'm a 22 year old (soon to be 23) girl living in West Yorkshire:) I've lived here 11 years now but I'm originally from the USA and I hope to make it back there someday soon for a visit. I thought I would sign up to this site and make some super cool new friends as a friend told me about it and I've been meaning to set up a profile for a while now :D so get in touch if you fancy chatting, I will try reply to everyone that messages me but I'm expecting to get a fair bit of mail so please be patient if I don't get back to you right away. oh and by the way I do have Skype and KIK but I only give it out to close friends so don't expect to be able to add me right away. I like to know if your a cool person before I give my personal stuff out lol hope to hear from you all very soon :) x
I am a man who loves the simple things in life, no matter how big or small they maybe. I try to live every day without worry, green is my favorite colour. I am a neat and orderly man and looking for the same. I am caring, loving, mysterious,a loner, in chanting, pleasant, easy to talk to. I love to go on long walks. I love shopping. ,I enjoy cooking as well as eating out.I am comfortable with everyone I meet and if for some chance that a person makes me uneasy, I will excuse myself and leave.I enjoy traveling, and staying at home. I like going fishing, and camping. I enjoy swimming and playing in the water.
Im a hard workin girly n work 4 evrythin i get!!! neva relied on or depended on anyone n will neva intend on doin so, u gota do fings for urself or ul neva learn! i am a fun n easy goin girl tht lyks goin out wiv the girls. u gota live life to the fullest, u dont no wots round the corner so enjoy everything u do cos at least u hav got the chance to be doing it!!! if u wana no more msg me, am not an ignorant girly jus a busy 1, so if i take time t reply then ther ya go..... yano y!
NO HOMO DON'T MESSAGE ME IF U R GAY NO HOMO NO HOMO I just think if you like what you see or have read send me a message ill get back to you. ladies only, no homo no homo. You may think my profile is a bit plain, that's intentional because I can't tell you everything, who does that. I'm from sunny bradford and always about in Bradford, Leeds, Manchester, Huddersfield & Liverpool. i do stupid miles everyday just seeing my mates and finding things to do. End
Hi all BLACK BULL HERE I'm Max, and i'm sex mad :) I'm an experienced black male, w/e, gsoh and an easy going personality I have had fun with a bi couple before and that was lots of fun, we had regular meets for a while, but here, I am primarily looking for single women. I prefer curves, I don't like stick insects, big juicy bums and thighs do it for me, im also a sucker for green eyes ;) P.s I can breath through my ears :D:D:D:D:D:P
Hi i have a boyfriend but we are both looking for a new girlfriend or girlfriends to share between us. If your intrested then please contact me. xxx P.s. if your not intrested just say and you won't be botherd again. what were looking for is to make our 2 way serios relationship in to a 3 or more way serios relationship, it's called a polyamory relationship. would you be intrested in being our girlfriend?
yep im back happy go lucky guy enjoying life to the fullest most ppl dont like me but hey who cares so if ya want to chatt buzz me im a nice guy once you get to know me oh and i dont bite lol speak soon me TOO ALL THR GUYS SENDING MESSAGE LIKE TO SAY IM NOT FRECKING GAY I LOVE PUSSY LOTS OF IT IT SMELLS GOOD I EAT IT SO GET THE MESSAGE IM NOT GAY TO FUCK OFF GOT IT
NO SPAMMER! NO PHISHING! YOU WILL BE REPORTED! I just want to find a girl to talk to on these cold nights. I am a single full time dad so I don't get the chance to get out and meet people so I thought I'd try the internet thing. I'm not after booty calls, I just want to pass the time, and it goes better when you can have a conversation with some one.
Young, happy guy just looking to meet new, interesting people and mostly be happy and make friends :) I'm a bit of a cheeky prat at times, but I love talking quite a lot I guess. I'm quite new to this and really just want to have a bit of fun as I'm always up for a laugh and a mess around. I have quite a cheeky sense of humour and love my car!
I am a bubbly outgoing person looking for friends only, preferably female who are studying. Im not studying much at the moment just doing my equivalent to gcse level 2 maths but its a start for the career I want to go in. I dont like bullies or racism and am friendly to people. Please get to know me first before judging me!!!
abt mee... Well...its alwayz too difficult to tell abt urself...especially when u r some1 unique..i m..only 1 ov ma name...ov ma thougths...believes nd most ov all ov ma nature...i dnt walk wid da world coz i alwayz hav better optionz.. i can be the best frend u ll ever have or the latest enemy u ll ever make ..i m... MINHAJ
I will introduce myself as a simple, loving, caring, understanding, easy going, and humble man. Who believes not in the sense of being a perfectionist but a man with a heart filled with understanding. I am just me for myself and to others. I live my life based on the philosophical doctrine of being moral guided by humanism.
Hi I am Joe sports Coach from Leeds. I love to play lots of different types of sport, but away from sports. I love to go out with mates for drinks go to the cinema and bowling. Like to go out for meals walks to the zoo or theme park. I love going on holidays when I get chance. Hope to hear from you soon x
always classy... never trashy... just a little nasty!! live for the day and not for the money or the man! dont play with someones emotions ..make them your own love my music if you listen to someones songs you dont have to ask how they are feeling the music says it all
Hi out there what i need is a woman that i will share the rest of my beautiful life whit;i so much believe in true love and i am also ready as well to give true love also ,i don't need some one that is perfect,i heed someone that i can work to perfection whit.
I m a man who enjoy the simple things life has to offer.Self respect is very important to me.I value real friendship and, the one that never let u down.Life has many ups and down.But the important thing it to remain at peace regardless of circumstances
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Looking for some one to put the spark back in.. life to enjoy raunchy sex and good times nothing serious just pleny of laughs... can't accommodate tho :/ please get intouch I dont bite unless you like that sort of thing then yeah...
I am a nice man that is down to earth looking for a love one that is serious for a relationship, i love swimming , going out for cinema and reading. I will like to meet with a sincere woman that is honest, understanding, and caring.