Sensually Unique Genuinely Addictive U came, u saw but will u conquer????

I am outgoing... and full of life.. i am looking for fun at the moment.. of what type i am not sure .. what i will say is that i am open to suggestions. Sometimes play at Sex contacts Club purely to watch you men get your willies out! FUNNY!
we are a young horny male and female couple, we are looking for BI FEMALE/S ONLY!! we are interested in chat, cam2cam, pic/vid swap and one off or regular meet ups, the more females the merrier ;P we can accommodate and travel, are easy to get along with and are up for anything :)if you are interested in having some hot fun with us or meeting up please don't hesitate to let us know the details about yourself and what you are interested in :P NO MEN AT ALL IF YOU CONTACT US EXPECT TO BE COMPLETELY IGNORE OR EVEN INSULTED AS IT IS OBVIOUS THAT YOU CAN'T READ!!!!!!!
New to Coventry -

Just moved back to my home town Coventry after 20 years, just looking for new people to chill with, no weirdo's. Must have sarcastic / dry sense of humour, be up for laughs; I like a good intelligent debate sometimes, likes gaming but not required, likes to chill out watching a movie or something :) If interested drop me a line, no pervertedness, simply friends that's all.

single -

i have a 1 year old son been single since december last year, havnt had any relationships since or tried to even get into a relationship just looking for some one whos gonna be there for me and my son and isnt after just sex must be ages between 22 and 28

Hi my names stuart, im from dudley im quite a shy person until i get to knw you,i love music i try to play guitar maybe one day ill get good at it lol just ask if u want to know more.
anyone fancy gettin how i do it - anyone fancy gettin how i do it

single -

Iam a average build male brown eyes aprox 6'2 inches tall and I just want some fun no serious stuff so if your game let's chat.

Hi I'm Jason, easy goin type of lad that doesn't let anythin get to me! If u fancy a chat just throw me a message! Chears!
booooooooooooooooooooooo! -

looking for someone who can hold a conversation. who chats about everything even if its rubbish i up for a laugh !! I quality and trying hard to be artistic as much as possible =:)
some thing fun -

yo wat up on ea just a bit of fun if u got wat i like then come on hurry up wat u waiting 4 laterz

get at me -

If you can handle some NSA fun shout at me, have some fun.

This is my life i got a lot of living to do and i aint got time to waste.

Hi thanks for reading my profile I'm new to this so here I am a shy male whose a good boy but has this naughty side to him lol would love to meet someone who can assist with my naughty side ?? I am looking for someone who I can have discreet sexy fun with. I love oral and foreplay and looking for soft play which would involve mainly oral and foreplay Don't mind joining a couple that would be something new Not looking for anything to serious but you never know Look forward to hearing from you xxx I'm on Skype: desifcuk Bbm pin: 7c5091a1

Hello I'm Scott from Walsall (near Birmingham) in the West Midlands

My facebook :-
My Skype :-

I also have a Faceparty :-

Anything you want to know then just ask....

Just a regular guy looking for someone who peeks my interest. No need for an ice breaker or banter, just say hi and I will take it from there.
No kids, not married and have no crazy Ex's I promise.

I guess you like what you see then since your actually reading this. Well glad I caught your eye at the very least, now I know your thinking wether to message me or not or even what to say, we'll hello or hi is just fine with me. I'm just looking for a attractive lil lady who wants to date for a while but is ultimately looking for a relationship. I have no intention of jumping into anything serious, lets see where this goes, looking forward to speaking with you.

what to say?? not much to say i am who i am either love me or hate me! what you see is what you get. be yourself and be happy,

Hmmm once again filling out another "about me" page which I highly doubt anyone would read...hell I could sit here saying "Llama, Duct Tape, Bea Arthur" and I dont think anyone would really care.

But... If you do want to know me I'll keep it short but sweet. I'm an honest and genuine type of guy. I live alone in Coventry. I am a loyal friend. I'm ambitious, creative, independent and witty.

Anything more you want to know then by all means ask

Just get to know me, it's really simple!!
But to start i'm down to earth, relaxed, not too serious, love a joke and a laugh, can take sarcasm as well as give it. Just love to enjoy life and have more smiles rather than frowns! Positive over negative, if you are the same then we could click!! :)


Instagram: chukka_uk


If you like what you see, add me wink.gif

Send me a message if you want to check out my adult album tongue.png

Hi bi female erdington birmingham part of a cple.

Looking for a girl for girl girl or for us both to play with if u intrested msn 

single men if your generous you can see me alone

Hi everyone, Im new to this website. Looking to make new friend etc or more... I am Looking for easy going people who like a lauph etc.. I'm a musician who plays in a band and likes to entertain hehe, Drop me a message and say hello. I dont bite lol unless you want me to hehe.... I enjoy going out with friends and having fun, life is too short to mope about. Live life to the full and enjoy today as it might be your last!! 

Aint been on this for over a year so will be updating my profile soon and adding pics etc lol
Wat can i say I'm just me living life, i believe if your not learning your not living, not saying i wanna teach but i like to open up peoples minds. I like to laugh to make other laugh, i have BIG dreams that will soon come true! if u would like to know more about myself or anything just hit me up in the inbox, i hardly use this so bare with me when it comes to receiving a reply. Thankyou.. ;)
Hiya all! Back on after so long. If you want to know more about me, just give us a message :D
Hello All My Name Is Aimee Im 30 Years Old And I Live In Birmingham England With My Boyfriend Robert And British Bombay Cat Sevi. My Boyfriend Is Also My Full Time Carer As I Suffer With The Following Illnesses- Depression,Borderline,Personality Disorder,Obsessive Compulsive Disorder,Paranoid Schizophrenia,Recovering Self Harmer,Diabetes Type 2,Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Chronic Asthma,Arthritis,Bowel And Urinary Incontinence,Hypersensitive Nervous System and more.Yes it is a lot of illnesses to cope with and Yes I have been diagnosed with each and everyone of them aswell as taking medication for them all.Somedays it gets me down and otherdays I rise above the pain and get on with it due to all of this working is Not an option for me However I am A Trained Artist My Boyfriend taught me everything he knows and I have been doing photoshop for nearly 5 years now and I have done much art work for myself,others and deviant art. I am also a Singer although due to years of smoking my voice is not as great as it once was but in my hay day I could hit celine dion notes lol :) I Am obsessed with Tatty Teddy (Me To You Bears) I Have a huge collection.Im also a big Gleek Yep A Glee Fan.Im Kind,funny,considerate,reliable,caring,loving and friendly but I can be a bitch to if you get on the wronge side of me sadly Im a softy and some people see into that and think they can take advantage of me and use me I have had many friendships in the past that turned sour because they betrayed me so yes I am very wary of people now I do not give my trust easily nowadays I feel it is something that should be earned not just given.I Adore Cats and one day when we have a bigger home I inspire to have at least 4 more cats :) I Love animals ? I try to come on FB As much as I Can but sometimes I just do not feel like it and its nothing against anyone It just means I Need alone time from the world and social networking. Not sure what else to write so will leave it hear for now :)
AppTec is an unofficial Blog for Apple. In AppTec we like to bring you all the latest news and gossip that surrounds Apple. Here we love to share information with you about all the Apple devices and how you can use them better and most efficiently. You can find a host of information for the latest softwares and updates that are featured in the Apple stores. The best part about us is that with a lot of research and analysis we can give you what would be best for your Apple device. So stay tuned with us to get some of the most useful information you would ever need for your Apple. Apple Inc: History Here is a look into the history of the largest tech company of today: The early days Apple Inc is an American Multi-national that markets consumer electronics, consumer software and personal computers. It is the leader in consumer electronic market lately with a host of devices that have been loved and adored by people all over the world. The company was established by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne on April 1, 1976. They sold the Apple 1 computer which was a handmade computer by Steve Wozniak and lacks some of the basic functionality that we count in computers today. Then the company was incorporated on January 3, 1977 without Ronald Wayne as he sold his share to Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak for just 800 USD. They got support from a Multi-millionaire named Mike Markkula who roped in 250,000 USD into the project and then there was no looking back! The first products Later Apple launched Apple Lisa which was a commercial failure but the first computer in the market with the GUI. Later Apple came out with the Macintosh which was a success early but the n even it faded later because of high prices and few software titles. The not so good time With the passage of time a power struggle gripped the company where Jobs had issues with CEO John Sculley. The Board of directors decided to oust Jobs from the company and he was released of all his managerial duties. Steve Jobs founded NeXT computer, as well as aquiring the computer graphics division of LucasFilms, this went onto become PIXAR the animation studio that created the popular 'Toy Story' movies. The introduction of power book and the software update known as System 7 ensures new heights for Apple. It was definitely the first golden age of Apple. But by the time Microsoft had started building market by selling cheap alternatives whereas Apple concentrated on good engineered products that were expensive! This led to the downfall of one of the largest companies. The attempt to save the company saw Apple venturing into many other electrical appliance but they seldom gave any results. The return of Jobs Apple realized that the only way out of the situation was to get Jobs back into the company and he became the CEO in 1997 after the stock prices fell to the lowest ever and began to restructure the whole product line. The period from then to 2005 was more of a rebuilding phase which saw major Apple products retiring and giving way to the new line Intel based Apple Products like Macbook. The iPod, iPhone and the iPad These three devices have actually shaped the company to what it is today. Steve Jobs had definitely reinvented the company. The prices did not matter now only the quality did. iPod bought everything back to the company and the iPhone launch in 2007 ensured that it had to never look back at the damp period. Email: Website:
Hello and welcome. My name is Gary. I have been single since November '06 and am very comfortable in my own skin. Confident in who I am. I am 6ft tall and weigh 13.5 stones and I have a bit of the devil in my soul. I have three children and loved raising them as a single parent. They had all flown the nest but my youngest managed to sneak back in. I do not like to rush my life as there is so much to savour. I love the spirit of adventure. I love to travel whether it be in this country or abroad. At 16 I slept on all the beaches along the South of France and at 17 became a British Army Paratrooper. I absolutely adore skinny dipping in places like the Canaries and the Bahamas...Canaries - Full of fat naked Germans...Bahamas - Full of fat clothed Americans. Though in the Bahamas I got to know a Jamaican lass who took a fancy to me instead of her Icelandic sugar-daddy. That did not end well. He had two quite simply enormous bodyguards. It soon proved time to get out of town when they cfame knocking on my door. So I accompanied a lovely Canadian lass to Newfoundland. Sitting wrapped around each other on a cliff top as icebergs floated by and whales came up for air...Never, ever, miss the chance to do something like that. Grab hold and enjoy the ride... I will admit to liking people who themselves have a bit of the devil in their souls. I work out in my gym or cycle up and down the hills where I live every day as I love to keep fit. Though I hasten to add that I am not a gym bunny. I am a very sexual and sensual man and make no apologies for being so. My children and friends say (through the help of bribery) that I am a nice man. Funny, happy, honest, decent, loyal, committed (or at least I should be, one padded cell for the use of please...and no crayons as I stick them up my nose...or other places if not caught in time), articulate, caring, adventurous, spontaneous. I have been told that I have the body of a man in his mid 30s but that I must give it back. Bugger. However, not ‘till I have used it up and it has fallen to pieces. I wish you much luck and happiness for the rest of your days. As the immaculate, impeccable Dave Allen used to say, "Thank you, goodnight and may your God go with youâ€. I wish you sunshine on your path and storms to season your journey. I wish you peace in the world in which you live. More I cannot wish you except perhaps love to make all the rest worthwhile. I don't care where the water goes as long as it doesn't get into the wine - Noah. I wouldn't piss in his ear if his brain was on fire - Bill Clinton If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you - Oscar Wilde My sex life is terrible. The last time I was inside a woman was when I visited the Statue of Liberty - Woody Allen. When we are born, we cry that we have come to this great stage of fools - William Shakespeare.
TRACEY-ANITABIRMINGHAM SINGLE Uhm. Hi? As you might've guessed my name's Tracey. I'm unemployed as from today, as people are shit. I'm here to make friends, I DO NOT want a boyfriend, I DO NOT want any kind of sexual contact and I certainly WILL NOT flash anything at you. I talk to anybody so if you add me as a friend i'll probably accept, but if you're a perv or a douche don't bother. I MIGHT go on webcam with you, if I like you, BUT I WILL NOT do anything for 'your entertainment'. I know you guys are pretty, but I don't want to see your genitals. And also I am saving myself for Gerard Way cuz he is uber amazing I believe my best feature is my mind, I have a very odd sense of hunour, and I will tell you straight, wether you're a douche or amazing, I will let you know. I LOVE being different to the 'average joe' I change my hair colour like every other week, it's blue at present, got to decide what to do next. I LOVE MUSIC - it get's me through a lot. I like music I can rock out to, but I also like music that means something, or reminds me of people or places. I may be a lot of things, but one thing I'm not is shallow! I love people for them not for their body or how they look, as long as a person is beautiful on the inside anything else is a bonus. Yes, I AM a poser, I don't, like, love myself. It's just I WILL NOT let people take photos of me so I pose for my own. I also do photo manipulation, so majority of my pictures are taken for that reason. Oh and I WILL NOT send you pictures of myself. Love: Family, Friends, Drawing, Photography, Music, Animals, Being Unique Hate: Pidgeons, Moths, Shallow people, Being BORED!! Perverts, Slags and Chavs. I do believe I've waffled on enough, If you want to ask me anything please do, but if it's anything to do with sizes of anything FUDGE OFF!!
Tempus Fugit, Memento Mori - Time Flees, Remember You Are Mortal (Enjoy What You Have With The Little Time You Have With It) Hey, My Name Is Jonny, Wolfe, Reaper... Whatever You Want To Call Me Is Fine. Im 27 From Coventry. I Like Body Mod, Have 6 Piercings And 15 Tattoos I Keep Bearded Dragons, I Have 3 Beardies. Im Confident And Flirtacious, Sometimes Perverted. I Like A Range Of Music From Old Skool Punk To Industrial Metal. My Best Feature I Think Is My Eyes. My Favourite Colour Is Green. My Favourite Movie Is Repo: A Genetic Opera. Im Obsessed With The Number 13 Im Also A Chaotist. I Dont Take Shit Off Anyone, I Say What I Shouldnt, I Laugh When I Shouldnt.. Relationship Wise When Im In A Relationship Im Loyal, I Never Lie, I Never Cheat And I Prefer To Talk Shit Out Rather Than Shout And Scream. I Have No Fears, Love Ancient History And Mythology. I Love My Family, Horror Movies And Occult Books.. Relationship Wise I Want Something Real, Not The Fake Shit Ive Put Up With In The Past... Dont Ever Lie To Me, I Can Read It On People, In The Past I've Blinded Myself To It And Played Along With It, Lost Friends I Cared About Because Of It, But Never Again, If You Cant Be Adult And Be Honest With Me, I Have Nothing For You. My Email Addy Is Add Me If You Want To Talk
I enjoy going out for a drink with friends or going for meals with nice company. I also enjoy nights in with conversation and a glass of red as well as tv and films.I love going to the gym, Thai boxing when i have time and of course lay ins at the weekend :) Among other bands i like vampire weekend, the hives, hardfi, coldplay and muse. Am a big fan of Caro Emerald though nobody has ever heard of her. I also like Drum & Bass and trance. I LOVE stand up comedy and most comedy films as well as thrillers and horrors. At the moment i work in an office for a worldwide company in Coventry and have been there for 5 years. I love Indian, Bangladeshi and most Asian food and also enjoy "pub grub" if its done well. looking for someone whos life does not revolve around drinking and partying, maybe enjoying other stuff together could be fun too? just a thought.........anyway, id better go, the annoying kid next door has challenged me to a water fight and the kettle has nearly boiled ;) bye for now
I am building contractor.I am very shy but I warm up quickly.My friends tell me that if someone actually took the time to look in my eyes would see what a great person I am.i spend most of my time working.That doesn't mean I am a workaholic It just means this is how I choose to spend my time.Doing so makes it hard to meet new and interesting people.That is why I have tried this out. I have tried the bar and club scenes but I can't seem to find anyone that I feel is worth spending time with.I would like to find someone that can stimulates my mind with great conversation word of God and that keeps me wondering what is coming out of her mouth next.I am a caring compassionate man i Love God and always abide by His Commandment. Life it too short to waste.i need serious relationship with the right woman i am sure she is out there somewhere.i have the faith that i am going to meet My soul mate here.God is my savior.
I am interested in many things and mostly nowerdays the finer things in life so I am interested in hanging out chatting and getting to know people. I have a wide range of interests from books "reading The Help" right now and music "Drake" I like Football and follow Liverpool. But dont take it too seriously. I travel alot and enjoy the benefits of that. I would choose somewhere open and also discreet. I would like to see the person without the effect of alcohol and makeup as she really is. I like a girls eyes and she has to have all her own teeth. She has to make me laugh....which isnt hard to do. We'd chat then leave...I wouldnt play around it would be a pleasure to have someone give up their time for me so if we werent suited wed let each other know....Im not into a quick link but someone to spoil and meet from time to time when convienient. Music, Shopping and Hanging out
well im a 21 year old professional graphic designer / photographer, ive just split with my baby mum after 2yrs in the relationship, im looking for someone that wont cheat, that will be normal, that dont care to much about looks or what a guy has, someone that drives (not asap), somoen that will juss love me for who i am. ive been threw alot in my past, and i just want to find someone decent, someone thats on my level of relationships. abouot me: 1: im not a cheat 2: i dont sleep around 3: i dont hit/fight girls 4: im not and alcholic 5: im not a drug user 6: im kind hearted 7: im a pro designer, photographer 8: im trust worthy 9: im reliable 10: im a guy that people can talk to about anything i just want to meet someone that just sparks the light in my mind, and to help me move on from my past, and start a fresh.
Hi, i'm not exactly sure what i'm meant to put here, but here's a little bit about me. I'm from birmingham, I support Aston Villa, I work full time mon-fri, I drive, I like going out with friends, meeting new people who are up for a laugh. I'm currently in the process of quitting smoking. I'm here really looking for a potential girlfriend, someone who doesn't smoke preferably, as I don't want the temptation. I'm not the kind of guy who will sleep with just any girl, but I wont rule out NSA with the right person if they're not looking for a relationship, and i'm not currently involved with someone else. Other than that i'm friendly, always up for a laugh, reliable, honest and caring. If you're interested in getting to know more about me, just send a message and we'll chat.
I want you all to realise that life is what you make it, it's your show, you are the star..don't fcuk it up by being afraid to take chances.... I pretty much think nandos is the best thing ever, it's nandos or nothing...Michelle Keegan would get 12 inches off me for sure, it's almost wrong how nice she is, trust me to lose the piece of paper she scribbled her number on....Girls mood swings give whiplash and why do girls take pictures of other girls on the toilet having a piss,filthy...I like to live life dangerously, 2 sugars in my cup of tea etc.... Did you know that the common gnat only lives for two hours but in its brief life it makes love a hundred and sixty-nine times? That's the mirror opposite of my life.
From London, I'm a humble, lively person that likes to just have fun and get on with things, you only live once! I enjoy having a laugh with people i know or new people, but when it's time to be serious, i know when to be! I'm always there for people that are close to me, and i always do my best to make time for everyone. I'm not into all the negative behaviour that is happening these days, i believe it does not make you smart or tuff, that won't get you far in life. lol! People often wonder what my background is, just so you know its - Trinidad, White, Spanish, Indian, Jamaican, and something else? lol!
Well...I'm from London, recently moved to the West Midlands. I work full-time and enjoy what I do. I love music so I DJ and also Produce in my spare time. I Also like to socialize, it's good to meet new people, I'm an easy to get along with kinda guy, know when to be serious and when to have fun, just getting on with things and just taking on what ever happens. I am mixed race or I should say mixed races, lol! My background is Trinidadian, Jamacian, Spanish, White, and Something else? Lol! Anything else you wanna know or just want to talk just drop a message.
I'm looking for single honest female friends to get on with, get to know each other and maybe more. My best friend was my late wife who passed away 3years ago and I lost my closest confidant in my mom February this year. Its either you are single or not, there should be no complications. I love traveling, music, adventure, hiking, sport etc.Hoping to meet people in real and be happy again. I just added a photo but its awaiting approval am sure i dont look that ugly lol and will get approved soon. I look forward to meeting someone but for now bye...Lee
Hello....How are things going with you and Hope you are enjoying the week !! I must confess,your profile has really captured my attention and i will love to share in the joy of your smile,I can't stop looking at your profile in fact i want to get to know you if you don't mind and Hope there is a chance to do that. Wow, I like your striking smile, could surely make an angel with broken wings go an extra mile and come back as well. I will be glad if we get to know each other and become friends and see how things might goes
I'm from Coventry, But living in Huddersfield for university I love music I can't go a day without listening to music, love going out with my mates, clubbing, And I love shopping! I love spending money! Topman and Republic are my favourite. I think I'm really easy to get along with, I'm incredibly honest which can sometimes seem rude but at least you know what you're getting! I love having a laugh, never take anything seriously. I'm rubbish at being by myself, I've always got to be talking or interacting with people.
it takes a strong man to accomplish most in life,never give up and look down on people,dont hate or preach it even or u be consumed by it, always appreciate what you have 4 beauty comes in all shapes,sizes and colours,if you expect good things in life treat others good and give out good things to others too,distance is nt a barrier to any relationship if both believe on their selfs, Be strong, help humanity in anyway you can,live healthy and excersice often,have the fear of the lord this is all about me
hey im kiki... im a cake maker mon-fri and a model on the weekends and evenings yes beleive it these are my real picture not a fake.. my pictures do fall under the copy right act so please do not take with out my permission thank you.. well about me im fun loving outgoing and always trying new things we have this one life so might as well live it :) im into of course... animals.. music.. adrenaline rushes and loads other things :) if you want to know more hit me up
Hello, well I am an Asian, yes an Asian.. You know one of those smelly people who consume currys everyday. You can call me curry muncher! I work as a Diagnostic Radiographer and I get to see a lot of interesting things. If you ever need an X-ray i'm your man! Love random road trips, music, going out, travelling, good conversation, tea, cakes. You know, the usual! I don't want to give everything away.. But if you would like to know more drop me a message, I don't bite.. Unless your a cheesecake!
Music crazy, my hobby is to make music dvds for my personal use and enjoyment and to share with music lovers around the world! Hi, I am Matteo I want to share with you all my love for music, one thing is listening, another is doing both, watching and listening. I tell you the pleasure is immense, whenever I am stressed I put on a music dvd and within minutes I am in heaven. I like to research and write about my favorite artists and sharing with others who have similar interests.
Am just a nice person not with the looks but with true love(who wants to feel special for who I am) with a lot of good qualities, but still far from perfect. I am sensitive, kind, gentle, understanding, a good listener and lover. Like they say there where love is, is life and there where life is is a wonderful world and dreams and every thing to live have love you must give love. A true man don't date every girl he see but only the one he loves not gorgeous but kindhearted.
Personality captures the heart! But what catches my eye? I Like going to the gym , I work out every week at least four times a week + when it comes to music I like a little bit of everything , grime , rnb , bashment , hip hop , slow jams , etc Movies: scar face , All the god fathers , boyz in the hood , american pie , star wars , All the SAWS , Abduction , In Time etc TV: Smallville , Lost , Friends , Heros ,Family guy , my wife & kids + The soaps ect