To have whom I'll leave and share the rest of my life with as a partner. -

Smart Oxford is my real name from birth, I'am an energetic young Man of 39years of age from Newcastle Upon Tyne, England in United kingdom. I base and leave in my country home Newcastle Upon Tyne, England in United Kingdom, but do travel to other countries because of the nature of my business. I'am int'l business man that engage in sales of real/pure GOLD,DIAMOND, SILVER and PLATINUM,that's Jewellery's like Bangles, Necklaces, Earrings, Anklets, Wedding and Engagement rings, etc, which I've 3branches across the globe.

I am an easy-going woman. I am open-minded, and have an optimistic attitude towards life. I'm a very positive person. I am a romantic, loving, kind hearted woman. I believe in true love. I value every minute of my life. I like to smile and people who makes me laugh. I am feminine, open and friendly.
Im a hardworking, funloving, caring, truthful type of person, who genuinely needs to talk with people,I enjoy the occasional drink and enjoy the company of other people,wether it be online or out and about,I also enjoy going for meals and the occasional night club, I have a great sense of humour, and I have always the greatest respect for people,especially so for women, I also have a loving, caring side, I am always willing to help my friends out, I am a great listener, and a good friend, if you need to know more about me just ask..I dont bite..
I am a patient and thoughtful person and interested in local and world events. I take responsibility seriously and have a well developed social conscience and try to improve the world in the little ways I can. I believe in good manners, honesty, courteously and respect I'm honest caring and loyal, intelligent, thoughtful and loving and that’s not an exaggeration! I’m far from perfect but I try. I am hoping to move into a female-led relationship and have my submissive side explored and exploited by a female partner. I am often overcome by the perfection that is the female. I WOULD BE HAPPY TO HAVE ANY FEMALE USE AND ABUSE ME FOR FUN - BE IT KICKING ME IN THE BALLS, GETTING ME TO DO CHORES NAKED, WHIPPING ME, OR HUMILIATING ME IN FRONT OF HER FRIENDS. OBVIOUSLY I WOULD NOT EXPECT TO SEE OR TOUCH THE FEMALES IN THIS SCENARIO - except when ordered and I would perform cunnilingus on demand Running is great and I love the feel of the wind in my face; starting to run isn’t and that means I don’t do it as often as I should. I’m really interested in the paranormal and the increasing amount of mainstream science which shows the power of the mind. The smell of the air after a thunderstorm or good rainfall gives me chills down my spine. Taking time out to ‘smell the roses’ and enjoy nature is really important to me. I’m right of wing on the political spectrum and pretty deadest against the left. I enjoy a good discussion but can be intense for a while. I enjoy a good book, or TV show, cinema, theatre, eating out and in, writing and love a good discussion. I enjoy long walks in nature and cultural and historical attractions. I am interested in history and science, law, politics and the environment, psychology and religion, the paranormal and animals. My favourite TV would include The West Wing, Law and Order, NCIS and Crossing Jordan, My favourite films are too numerous to mention though anything with Gregory Peck, Cary Grant or Tom Hanks and Harrison Ford. My musical tastes are quite ecliptic and include Sinatra, Abba, the Beatles, Rod Stewart and Country. I enjoy watching sports and try and keep reasonably fit and healthy. In terms of hobbies I have written a couple of manuscripts and came close to publishing them and I am continuing to write. I have many other pet projects which often stir my imagination and enthusiasm. I have no children but my family are very important to me and I would hope a future partner could get along with them. I am honest and completely loyal.I am looking for a romantic, funny young woman even if shy in public. Someone intelligent that i can share a conversation with and most of all someone who cares about people, animals and society. I hope to find someone who is loving and caring but who can be forceful and take charge when in the mood. Ideally I would like to meet someone who can get caught up in her own interests but love to share them. Someone patient enough to listen to my excited ramblings about a story I have read or written. One thing I would really hope for is that she would try and get on with my family. I would love to meet a quirky individual who enjoys life Ideally someone who can at times be completely in control and demand to be obeyed I'm looking for an intelligent woman to talk with who shares at least some of my likes. I hope to find an honest woman who likes a good discussion and yet doesn't feel the need to try to hard and is happy to just chat away the hours on a variety of subjects. Someone who will listen when I get carried away and talk about my latest novel I’m writing or the latest book I'm reading and who will be keen to share her interests and feelings. Above all I respect honesty and would like someone who I can trust and who will trust me and who is caring and open.
I'm Chelsie, I'm 19 and live in Sunderland (formerly known as the land of the Mackems). I'm a proud Chaste, so all sexual comments are prohibited, thank you. I smoke, drink and swear a lot. Gotta love pasta. Ellie Goulding is my inspiration and she always will be. I can be sarcastic as hell sometimes so feel free to be that way back. I dislike those who are rude to others, especially about their sexuality, looks, or the choices they make. Everyone is beautiful, remember that. I have an amazing girlfriend who lives 2000 miles away, but we have the strength to keep our relationship alive and healthy. I won't avoid anyone unless they avoid me. If you wish to contact me further I'm always up for a nice message. I'm sure I will keep you entertained!
RANDOM FRIEND REQUESTS WILL BE IGNORED. PLEASE WRITE TOO ME FIRST DO NOT ASK FOR MY MOBILE OR MESSENGER! My name is Cintia, 21, I live in Washington in the north east UK. I work and study in Sunderland I am from Barcelona and on here for friends only, both male and female. Come and say hello and please be nice Las PETICIONES ALEATORIAS del AMIGO SERAN IGNORADAS. ¡ESCRIBA POR FAVOR TAMBIEN MI PRIMERO no PIDO MI MOVIL ni a MENSAJERO! Me llamo Cintia, 21, vivo en Washington en el RU oriental del norte. Trabajo y estudio en Sunderland yo soy de Barcelona y en aquí para amigos sólo, ambos masculino y femenino. Venga y diga que sea por favor y hola agradable
Alreet, I'm Jamie. I'm 23 and from Newcastle. I'm A Barman, Hate It. I'm A Daddy To My Gorgeous Son Harvey. I'm A Good Bloke, You Just Have To Get Too Know Me. I Like To Think I'm A Funny Guy. I Hate People Who Just Won't Fuck Off When You Tell Them Too. I Find It Extremely Hard To Trust People. Im Single And I Hate It, Im Looking For Someone Who Likes Me For Me. I Can Be A Lot Of Work, Im A Moody Cunt, People Can't Stay Mad At Me For Long. I Hate Racist, Bitchy, Annoying People, Gtfo Off My Screen You Cuntsbags. I Enjoy Recieveing Picture Comments And Profile Comments
Am an independent man who loves nature and every other thing in the ecosystem am a nice and cool-headed man,funny,passionate,benevolent and also business minded.i work as an Engineer who deal in sales and marketing of underground coppers and metal for recycling of communication wires in and outside my country,and i would love to meet people who are nice and honest,truthful and caring,i love working and planning and also interested in friendship and partnership and to meet new people .if you want to know more about me try and contact me..
No beating around the bush, I am a fuller figure woman, so if you dont like that then I suggest you click to the next profile. I am an honest kind and caring person, looking for My Mr right, if he ever exists! I love shopping, watching films, eating out, and listening to Music, old skool 90's RnB, UK music Artists Garage, Rihanna, etc etc
I'm on here for a change from facebook, to meet new people, have a laugh and maybe make some new friends I've just finished college love house music, reggae, RnB, standard stuff rely looove goin out and makin memories etc If i was an inbetweener i'd probibly be Will haha any questions feel free to hit me up ;)
Hello Faces. I am Joanne Louise from the north east UK. I work in a pet shop and sometimes do some modeling I am here for friends only at the moment and due to past problems, I don't give my phone number out - if I want you to have it, I will give you it Thanks :)