Am a great believer in honesty so will only tell a few lies lol. Just wanna enjoy life again. make friends just the usual things that guys half my age enjoy doing, still told to grow up by my niece lmao. If wanna know anything just ask & i will probably lie through my teeth but will answer :) seriously though looking for friendship as spend lots of time online and wish enjoy and learn different cultures and though i may seem a little awkward at first is cos not chatted online for almost 3 years lol. If anyone wishes to talk add me as online through most nights :)
One of a kind. -

Live Love & Make History, lol, my name is lornashell i'm friendly caring and loving, i like to laugh and joke but careful of going to far as i hate stuip jokers, i like handsome men if your not dont message me cos i wont respond, !!!!!, lol it takes all sorts are the world would be a boring place true. xx

hiyaa -

hello all im new to this so i thought i'd do one of these ad things :)) im not even sure what to write on them lmao but im me check my profile out, im a friendly outgoing girl & im sure if you get to know me u'll know what im like!

What to put mmmmm I'm heavily into rock/metal . Always game for a laugh . Love going to gigs and festivals . Went to Download this year and it was awesome . Before you ask , I really am 6ft 9 . I get asked a lot . My humour is quite sarcastic and very dry . Anything else you wanna know just ask :)
,I am 50yrs old , Originally from Alberta Edmonton Canada and Lonely, I Have Lots Of Care,Love and Smiles To Share, I Have a Great sense Of Humor, Romantic and Kind, i would Like to be Your Good Friend,Can we Know each Other, You seem Charming and Pretty Meanwhile ,I’m comfortable with who I am and what I have achieved in my life. I have accomplished many of my goals while balancing family life and a successful career. I am very independent and self sufficient. I don’t require anyone to take care of me, but love to have a Woman Love me in Return and care for me. I’m a romantic at heart, right down to corny love notes tucked inside your lunch. I love the affection and physical aspects of a relationship just as much as anyone. What I desire most is that special connection one can find with the right person, one that evolves to a point where you can communicate without speaking. I believe that it begins with a friendship and that is a great place for us to start. I want the Woman I am involved with to be my friend, my companion and my confidant. The one I share my dreams with and the one I want to be with when they come true. There must be a solid foundation of trust and communication. I am looking for someone who is honest and faithful because once trust is lost in a relationship, who are the center of my life. She will have to accept My Kid into her life as She does To me. In turn, if She has children, I will also do the same. Finding activities that include the children are primary at this point in life. They grow quickly and there will be plenty of time for activities that are meant exclusively for couples. Not to say that there won't be "couple time" in the present. I just feel that it is important to do our best to raise happy, healthy and responsible children. When I Started Looking again I was so afraid of the past repeating itself, I think the profile I wrote scared Ladies away. I knew what I didn’t want and clearly stated it, but I’m not so sure that was the right philosophy. Just because something didn’t work with one Woman doesn’t mean it won’t work with another. For the Woman who is in my life, I will be Her advocate and greatest supporter. I will try to make sure that he has what he needs to be successful, happy and healthy
Hellooooo the names claire. Im not good at filling things like this out, but here goes. I am single and had my heart broken and fed up with meeting the usually obssesed people or even the confused. its becoming hard in this society to find someone who is not crazy in a bad way or a stalker or something like that. I am just looking around as im now over having my heart broken and have decided im now going to look around see if there are any decent men around. I love going out and living for the weekend when i can but still enjoy cuddling up wi a dvd bottle o wine n a take away with the one i love (when im with someone). I hate being sat in the house doing nothing, would much rather be out on a lovely walk or doing something a little more exciting. My friends say im lovely person to know as im the sort of person who would speak to anyone except for maybe the incriediabley insane. I like to do most things and would usually take the chance to do anything atleast once and if i do enjoy it i will do it again. I can be quite a chatty person as some of my mates will say they cant shut me up lol but i am shy at first. At the moment im a full time mum to my lil girl faith who i love so much. I have got a qualification in business and management. I am currently studying travel and tourism at college and im loving it at the moment i like alsorts of music a few of my faves or oldies like journey, meatloaf, cher the classics the ones everyone know. kings of lean, plain white teas are cool. I'll listen to most anything but prefer something i can sing to. Films i like tomb raider, mummy/mummy returns, owt wi jackie chan in and eddi murphy. Im looking for a fun -loving person similiar t myself, someone i can go for walks with and have fun with. someone honest i can trust. There is nothing better than cuddling up with the one u love after a long day. So im gonna go now before i bore you all, if you like the sound of me then message me ill always get back to you. claire
Firstly, Im Genna, People who know me call me Gen. Im a full time Mum but to some of you that means im a lazy good for nothing wench who claims benefits..Your opinion means nothing, there like bum holes we all have one and they ALL stink.. No i dont want to speak dirty with you or have any kind of cyper sex, Its basically for sexpests who havent got a very good imagination, if you had a good imagination you wouldnt need me to speak dirty to you, Trust me. On a brighter note i love meetin' new people male or female,if you add me as a friend and i dont accept then its because i simply dont want too, although it doesnt happen very often just accept it and move on. Im an overall genuinely nice person.. Carnt wait to get speaking to some of you :)
Hi, I'm Claire. Totally bisexual. Currently single but I do have a female fuck friend called Sarah-Jayne. I love tits (especially as mine are quite small!) and ass, licking and fingering, ass-play, some light discipline and bondage. Independant and free thinking I am just looking for saucy chat and fantasy sharing. DO NOT WANT A RELATIONSHIP. I am enjoying my freedom and fucking anyone I want. I prefer girls but am know to enjoy having my pussy filled by a cock on occasion. I am a definite voyer - I love to watch while I masturbate, I squirt quite a bit when I cum. I dress and act outrageously, love thrill fucking (outside, in bars, clubs and stores). I am currently working in a bar - which I am not going to name! Love Claire xxxxx
I'm Vanessa. I'm 20 years old. Born in Taipei, raised in Canada, moved to the UK to study I'm currently living in Sheffield, and attending Sheffield Hallam University studying criminology and psychology. I work part-time GUESS in Meadowhall, and once a month I work behind the bar at an event called 'climax'. I love to meet new people, it's amazing the kind of personalities you come across :). I love social network sites and currently have facebook & tumblr. My facebook is for friends only but feel free to ask for my tumblr I love to read, write, draw & dance Add me on skype - ? Taurus, 94 ; Food lover ; Gamer girl
Ok, where to start?! I'm 25), i have purple hair, blue eyes, and i'm in shape (well i am if you count round as a shape..). I'm a little bit crazy. I like music, meeting new people, festivals, nights out with friends, bowling, cinema, snuggling up to watch dvds, meals out][, rockaoke (like karaoke..but rock), am a member of my uni Rocksoc and all that jazz.
hello there people hope you are doing well,im new to this kind of site any advice would be great,thank you i am on here to try and meet and make friends with new interesting people open to whatever happens, if you would like to know anything at all about me please dont be shy just ask,i dont like lying so i will answer truthfully as possible
27 year old British rock chick / metal head. absolutely love my music! I also love movies, reading, writing, gaming, walking, having fun and LOTS OF SEX!!. No i am not looking to hook up with anyone, i already have a boyfriend, who is also my master. I am a submissive and proud of it!
hi my names leigha im 21 years old from sheffield im mixed raced with dominican republican,italian,jamaican and english .Im very easy going and get along with most people i have my own place and love travelling ,shopping and animals if you wanna know more feel free to ask
Hiya im Kayla from Doncaster moved up here a while back now as from London...Live here with my partner and son.Love going out new places and meeting new people.Staying in watching films chilling.Live life to the full coz you only have one init.x
Hmmmm Only Just Joined, so don't know what to write! Doesn't everbody write that? lol. I'll probably fill this out a little bit more after I have been here longer. So for time being if you would like to know anything get in touch!