Skincare Resolutions You'll Actually Want to Stick to!

07 January 2023 | By: FACES Team

“New Year, New Me” gets thrown around a lot at the end of each year, and for us, that means new skincare resolutions! Who doesn't love the feeling of starting fresh and making better plans for ourselves? But let's be real, how many of us actually stick to our skincare resolutions for more than a few weeks? This year, let’s make some realistic skincare resolutions that are easy to follow. Here are a few ideas to get you started and transform your skin from "meh" to "marvelous". Remember, a little self-care goes a long way…

#1 "I Will Drink More Water"

I know, I know, it's not the most exciting resolution out there but trust us, it can make a big difference in the health of your skin. Water helps to flush toxins and impurities out of your body, which leads to clearer and healthier skin. It also helps keep your skin hydrated and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Fill a water flask and make sure to sip it regularly to hit 2 liters per day – trust us your skin will thank you for it.

#2 "I Will Keep my Hands off my Face"

No matter how often you wash your hands, they still pick up bacteria and germs throughout the day. Touching your face with dirty hands could lead to breakouts and skin irritation. Don’t let this habit disrupt your skincare journey! Next time you're tempted to touch your face, make sure to wash your hands first to minimize the unwanted effects.

#3 "I Will Double Cleanse Every Night"

One cleanse just isn't enough to get rid of makeup, SPF, and dirt. For thoroughly cleansed skin, prepped for your serums and treatments, you should wash your face twice. Start with a makeup remover or balm with an oil or gel base, and follow it with a foaming cleanser to be sure that your face is clean and ready for a good night's sleep. 

#4 "I Will Get my Beauty Sleep"

When you don't get enough sleep, it shows on your skin. Dark circles, puffiness, and a tired complexion can all be caused by a lack of shut-eye. On the contrary, when you sleep well, your skin has the chance to repair itself, leaving you looking and feeling energized. Commit to getting enough sleep this year (we're talking 7-9 hours a night) and invest in a comfortable pillow to help you get the best night's rest. Happy snoozing!

Just a Few Steps Away From Healthy, Beautiful Skin

These six steps represent all the basic day-to-day care your skin needs to be at its best. Taking time to choose products ideally suited to your skin type will also result in a glowier, more youthful complexion. 

With FACES, you can find all the featured products above and more, including extra treats like masks and exfoliants to give your skin a helping hand.

Why not start the search for your ultimate routine now?  

#5 "I Will Mask More" 

Whether you're dealing with dryness, acne, or dullness, there's a mask for all of that. And the best part? you can multitask while you have it on! Apply clay masks if you have oily skin, as they help absorb excess oil, or hydrating masks moisturize and plump your skin. If you're looking for a quick and easy way to exfoliate, try a peel-off mask, they’re great to remove dead skin cells, plus you'll enjoy the selfie-worthy peel-off moments!

#6 "I Will Experiment With New Skincare Products"

Shake things up and try a new skincare product. We promise you're going to enjoy the journey. Identify your skincare goals and look for products with ingredients that are known to be effective for your specific skin concern; start using them slowly and be consistent. These new gems could bring you one step closer to an amazing skin transformation!

Whatever skincare resolution you choose, the most important thing is to be consistent, have fun in the process, and be kind to yourself. Happy New Year!

Nadeen Moubarak


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