Vital Perfection LiftDefine Radiance Serum 40ml

A face and neck serum for a firmer, tighter and more radiant look.

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Experience tightening, lifting and revitalized skin radiance with an effective face serum. This multi-benefit serum delivers quick lifting, firming, and contouring results in a lightweight, non-greasy serum.

Watercress Extract supports skin's natural production of collagen, strengthens approach to firming and targets smile lines.
4MSK and Vitamin C Ethnyl inhibits the production of melanin, which causes dark spots, and removes accumulated melanin from deep within.
White Lily Extract purifies and detoxifies, soothing the skin against irritations while also providing a conditioning and moisturizing effect.
KURENAI-TruLift Complex with Benibana flower strengthens and energizes the skin for a visibly lifted appearance.
ReNeura Technology++ features Phytoconnect, helps prolong the efficacy of the treatment.

How to use

1 minute Massage technique:
STEP1 Face & Neck
- Place on 7 areas (both cheeks, nose, forehead, chin and neck) and blend into skin.
- Blend into the neck with circular motions.
STEP2 Jawline
- Tuck your chin in slightly and hold the bottom of your jawline between the thumbs and pointer fingers. 
- With pressure, slide your fingers up along the jawline, starting from the chin and ending below the ears. (Repeat 3 times)
STEP3 Smile lines
- Hold four fingers together, placing the pointer fingers along the smile lines.
- Move upward toward the temples, pulling smile lines open, with palms flat on the cheeks and lift. (Repeat 3 times) 
- End by lightly pressing the temples.