Hydrating Skincare Routine

11 April 2022 | By: Sarah Huggins

Is your skin dull? Do you have dark circles? Have your fine lines increased? If you answered yes to

any or all of these questions then it’s likely that your skin is dehydrated. This time of year dehydration is incredibly common, but don’t worry it’s easy to fix with the right products. Here’s everything you need for a fresh, glowing complexion.


Unlike dry skin which tends to be an inherent skin type, dehydrated skin is caused by water loss – not drinking enough water, aggressive air conditioning, or very hot showers could all contribute to dehydration.

Adding the right serum into your routine can help to replenish these moisture levels. Look out for products that are formulated with hyaluronic acid; this wonder ingredient can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water and will draw moisture from the air to your skin.


You’re probably already using a daily moisturizer but now is the time to step it up and go for a formula specially targeted for dehydration. If your skin type is on the oily side (yes, oily skin types can still be dehydrated) you can opt for light, gel formulas that will hydrate without feeling too heavy.

Drier skin types will benefit from richer, velvety creams applied as a final step. 


With dark circles and fine lines as major indicators of dehydration, it’s likely that your eyes are an area of concern. Adding a hydrating eye cream into your morning and evening routine is a quick way to banish the appearance of fine lines.

Gently tap a small amount around the eye socket with your ring finger, moving from inner to outer eye and up towards the brow bone.

Just a Few Steps Away From Healthy, Beautiful Skin

These six steps represent all the basic day-to-day care your skin needs to be at its best. Taking time to choose products ideally suited to your skin type will also result in a glowier, more youthful complexion. 

With FACES, you can find all the featured products above and more, including extra treats like masks and exfoliants to give your skin a helping hand.

Why not start the search for your ultimate routine now?  

Nadeen Moubarak


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