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Your lashes are the always the finishing touch to your overall look. Whether you're looking for something full of volume, bold and dramatic, or more subtle and natural, we've got the set of false lashes for you.
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  1. Zukreat Lashes
    Zukreat Cosmetics Zukreat Lashes
    115.00 AED
  2. Taylor Lashes
    Zukreat Cosmetics Taylor Lashes
    115.00 AED
  3. Presley Lashes
    Zukreat Cosmetics Presley Lashes
    115.00 AED
  4. Monroe Lashes
    Zukreat Cosmetics Monroe Lashes
    115.00 AED
  5. Loren Lashes
    Zukreat Cosmetics Loren Lashes
    115.00 AED
  6. Kelly Lashes
    Zukreat Cosmetics Kelly Lashes
    115.00 AED
  7. Hepburn Lashes
    Zukreat Cosmetics Hepburn Lashes
    115.00 AED
  8. Evangelista Lashes
    Zukreat Cosmetics Evangelista Lashes
    115.00 AED
  9. Lash Over - 3D Silk Collection
    Wow Beauty Forward Lash Over - 3D Silk Collection
    60.00 AED
  10. Lash In
    Glossy Makeup Lash In
    28.50 AEDRegular Price95.00 AED
  11. Original Collection
    Lash Dubai Original Collection
    42.00 AEDRegular Price105.00 AED
    Make Up For Ever LASH SHOW
    75.00 AED
  13. Mais 3D Mink Lashes
    Pinky Goat Mais 3D Mink Lashes
    95.00 AED
  14. NAGHAM 3D Mink lashes
    Pinky Goat NAGHAM 3D Mink lashes
    95.00 AED
  15. RIHAM 3D Mink lashes
    Pinky Goat RIHAM 3D Mink lashes
    95.00 AED
  16. Artist #1
    Pinky Goat Artist #1
    195.00 AED
  17. Dalal Glam Lashes
    Pinky Goat Dalal Glam Lashes
    50.00 AED
22 Items
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