Fill Your Space with the Smell of Summer

15 June 2022 | By: Aya Badr

A fragranced house can transform the atmosphere of your home, your mood, and how everyone interacts with the space. In summer, we spend most of our days indoors running away from heat and dust. So, let’s turn our homes into sanctuaries by creating the perfect ambiance that suits our homes. In this blog, we’ll help you figure out the best ways to make your home smell like summer, the best scents you should go for this season, and much more. with our selection of warm-weather favorites, you’d want to stay home all the time!

Get Started: How to Fragrance Your Home

You can introduce scents to your home in a variety of ways. This could be scented candles, reed diffusers, or home sprays. A common mistake people tend to make when picking their home fragrance is to get only one scent for all rooms. However, we believe that mixing or layering exquisite scents together is not only enjoyable but also creates your personal home scent. Ready to know the best summery notes you can bring to your living space? Let’s kick in!

Freshen up Your Space: Go with Citrus

Citrus goes hand in hand with the summer season. It captures the essence of tropical beaches and sunny days, bringing you fresh, energizing, and sparkling scents. From lemongrass and bergamot notes to cooling clary sage and mellow cedarwood, our citrus fragrances cover all the irresistible mixes you’d absolutely love.

Energizing Scents: Go with Fruity

Looking for a one-of-a-kind scent that is loved by everyone? Well, this fragrance family is absolutely a show-stealer. It involves the notes of peach, mango, black currant, apple, and more. Envelop your home in an entire cocktail’s worth of fruitiness aromas with our sweet-smelling fruity home fragrances.

Bring the Outdoors Indoors: Go with Florals

Bloom where you are and invigorate your senses with floral-scented fragrances. We believe that lighter scents work best in warmer weather. Therefore, opt for the uplifting floral notes that will definitely lighten up your mood this summer and infuse your home with calming vibes.

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