The finest skincare routine for dry skin consists of products containing moisturizing and hydrating ingredients like oils and hyaluronic acid, which leave the skin looking and feeling bright and renewed. Set up your 3-step skincare routine from Givenchy to give your skin exactly what it needs, when it needs it.


An essential and primary step for a de-stressed and moisturized skin. Enriched with Licorice’s soothing and calming extracts that make the Resource lotion ideal to prepare the skin for intensive moisturizing care. It's refreshing, lightweight texture, with a subtle and relaxing scent envelops the skin in a moisture bath.

Tips on how to apply:

Apply in the morning and / or evening to the face and neck using delicate upward strokes

To optimize the lotion’s moisturizing effect, follow with Ressource Fortifying Moisturizing Concentrate Serum.


Follow step 1 by Ressource Fortifying Moisturizing Concentrate Anti-Stress, a lightweight concentrate, with a subtle and relaxing scent that fuses with the skin to intensively replenish it. Enriched with passion fruit extract that help the skin counteract the effects of stress. Visibly fortified and plumped with moisture, leaving your skin looking stronger against stress-related damages.

Use the Bamboo Frappe that provides an immediate boost to your skin. Immediately absorbed, replenishing the skin with moisture, it hydrates, energizes and plumps the skin all day long.


Make this step an essential one in your skincare routine. Boost your skin’s natural water flow with the Ressource velvet cream made of 97% of ingredients of natural origin*, a light and refreshing gel-cream that penetrates quickly into the skin lasting 72-hour of moisturization. Leaving your skin Intensively moisturized and protected from daily stress, your skin will appear dewier, soother and has a natural glow.