L'Intemporel Global Youth All-Soft night Cream 50 ml

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The power of the latest-generation formula, the sensuality of a cloud-like texture. Highly nourishing but as light as air, this unique cream will surprise you: its velvety appearance hides a whipped mousse texture. Global Youth All-Soft Night Cream melts into the skin, wrapping it in a soft embrace all night while its active ingredients work to soothe away the stress of the day. In addition to the Timeless Blend Complex, it is enriched with Evening Primrose extract(1), a flower which only blooms at nightfall. Just like that flower, youthful skin awakens overnight. After regenerating and rejuvenating all night, you'll wake up to smoother, more radiant skin each morning. All the better to face each day with beauty and grace. How to use Every evening, on thoroughly cleansed skin, massage into the face and neck with upwards strokes.