With its smoothing and firming properties, LE LIFT Crème de Nuit erases the stress of the day and renews skin's radiance for a revitalising effect, night after night. Features are smoothed. Skin is soothed and rested.

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A night cream with smoothing and firming properties for the face and neck, designed to erase the stress of the day and boosts skin's night time repairing activity for maximum results.<br>While you sleep, cell renewal is 30 times more active than during the day. At night, sheltered from external aggressors that saturate the activity of nerve fibres and accelerate skin aging, skin can truly regenerate itself. LE LIFT Crème de Nuit soothes skin and optimises cell revitalisation. Its exceptional formula, composed of 94% natural-origin ingredients, combines a Neuractive Night Complex with the power of botanical alfalfa concentrate—as effective as retinol*—while being gentle on the skin. Skin appears renewed, night after night.<br>A formula highly concentrated in natural-origin ingredients in a soft, enveloping and sensorial texture.<br>*Comparisons of the stimulation of keratinocyte differentiation and proliferation, as well as collagen I synthesis - In vitro tests. <br>Comparison of the increase in epidermal thickness - Tests on reconstructed skin.<br>Comparisons of anti-wrinkle and smoothing effects - Instrumental measure of 21 women after 1 month<B> </B>of use

How to use

Apply LE LIFT Crème de Nuit after LE LIFT Crème Yeux and LE LIFT Sérum, using a yoga-inspired gesture, to relieve facial tension and heighten the skin revitalising effect, night after night.<br><br>. Before applying Crème de Nuit: a soothing and calming yoga-inspired gesture to relieve facial tension.<br>Use hands to stretch skin on cheeks slightly outwards. Then, smooth forehead with one hand after the other and finish with a circular motion on the temples. Repeat three times.<br><br>. After applying Crème de Nuit: a reinvigorating, kneading-inspired gesture to firm the look of the skin. <br>Use your thumb and forefinger to slightly pinch facial contours. Start under the chin and go up, gently moving skin back towards ears, then finish by smoothing the face. Perform this movement gradually from the bottom to the top. Repeat three times on each side of the face. Complete the gesture by rubbing over nasolabial lines, eye contours and the forehead with your middle finger.