Green Ceremony Cleanser 150ml

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For an unbeatably detoxifying, refreshing cleanse that leaves your skin clean without feeling tight Odacites Green Ceremony Cleanser will be a revelation to your complexion. Adding a touch of ceremony and ritual to your skin care regime, this poder-to-foam cleanser is inspired by the four founding principles of the Japanese tea ceremony: purity, respect, harmony and tranquility, offering a moment of peace as well as a deep cleanse. For unrivalled purity, Odacites pairs honey with sodium bicarbonate, causing the formula to foam when mixed with water, unleashing its powers and removing dirt, oil and excess skin to minimise breakouts. To respect your skin’s delicate ecosystem, foam derived from coconuts gentle removes further surface impurities, while the high chlorophyll content of premium grade matcha detoxifies. Imparting harmony, concentrated aloe vera powder helps to calm inflammation and redness, while matcha and spirulina offer potent antioxidants to fight free radicals and maintain youthful radiance. Finally, through the calming pleasure of transforming powder to foam and massaging it into your skin, you’ll feel a sense of tranquility and feel stress ebb away.