Heat Damage

You can never give up heat styling but protecting and treating your hair is a must. Un-do your heat damaged hair by incorporating products that contain protein, lipids, healing oils, and more. We’ve rounded up the top haircare brands from strengthening shampoos to conditioners, shop now

Heat Damage (29)

Platinum & Diamonds Luxurious Shampoo 250ml
Sublime Bain Shampoo 250ml
 Restorative Hair Growth Shampoo 240ml
Sublime Gold Mask 250ml
Miriam Quevedo
250 AED
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Sublime Gold Shampoo 250ml
Nature Plex Bain Shampoo 250ml
Extreme Caviar Conditioner Balm 250ml
Platinum & Diamonds Luxurious Mask 250ml
Sublime Instant Mask 200ml
Nature Plex Instant Mask 200ml
Nature Plex Final Touch 100ml
Sublime Cuticular 100ml
Abril Et Nature
189 AED
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Nourish and Repair Conditioner 200ml
Nourish and Repair Shampoo 250ml

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