Looking to maintain healthy hair and scalp? We will help you minimize damage and nourish your beautiful hair whether straight, curly, wavy or any unique texture. Replenish your strands with top-notch products, natural ingredients and recreate your hair care routine starting with shampoo down to styling!

Haircare (186)

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Cura Luxe Hair Dryer
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717 AED 1195 AED
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Specifique Cure Aminexil Anti-Chute 42*6ml
Protective Hair Perfume 50ml
Blow Styling Large Tool
Thick & Curly Salsa Hairbrush Red
Adenogen Hair Energizing Formula 150ml
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Alien Hair Mist 30ml
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Thierry Mugler
129.50 AED 185 AED
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Extreme Caviar Conditioner Balm 250ml
Restorative Conditioner 240ml
Dry Shampoo 120g

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