Essential Tape Kit


Essential Tape Kit

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Product Details


The Essentials Tape Kit includes 1 roll of Nood’s Shape Tape breast and body tape , 1 pair reusable No-Show nipple covers to protect your nips, and free travel pouch. The ultimate combination for lift, shape & support wherever you need it and endless style possibilities. Nood’s signature sustainable hemp fabric is breathable, making the Shape Tape sweat proof and waterproof for worry-free coverage no matter the temperature outside. 

1 Roll Shape Tape (5mtrs/16ft, approx. 5-10 wears)

1 No-Show Reusable Nipple Covers  (reusable up to 100 times)

Free No-Show Travel Pouch

How to use


Step 1 Ensure your chest area is dry and free from moisturizers, powders, oils or perfumes that can reduce the effect of the adhesive. Apply the No-Show nipple covers. Save the protective film for storage after use. 

Step 2 Roughly measure out and pre cut lengths of Shape Tape depending on the style of taping you are doing and the size of your bust. We suggest you hold the tape up in the position it will be used to get an idea of how long the tape should be. Keep in mind the tape stretches! 

Step 3 Remove the backing paper from the shape tape and hold your breast in the desired position. Firmly smooth the tape on, rubbing and pressing down firmly. Try not to move the shape tape once its touched your skin as the adhesive will lose strength. 

Step 4 Repeat on the other side or until you have reached your desired effect. 


Shape Tape is sweatproof and waterproof and must be removed with oil. Saturate the entire surface area of the tape with oil (baby oil, coconut oil, and medical tape remover work well). Wait at least 5 minutes to allow the adhesive to break down, before gently peeing a corner of the tape, and peeling off slowly, applying pressure below the area that is being pulled to prevent pulling of the skin. 

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