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  • 116 AED - 305.01 AED
Viseart is a professional Parisian make-up brand famous for its rich pigments and outstanding textures built by fusing natural ingredients with innovative technologies. Sourcing it’s an inspiration from the Parisian lifestyle, the brand has successfully attracted a cult following of professionals with their eye and cheek palettes becoming a staple in every top Hollywood makeup artist’s kit.

Viseart (22)

Passion Highlighter
Eyeshadow Palette Basically Addict
Eyeshadow palette Fashion Addict
Highlighter palette Bloom
Highlighter palette Tempo
Petit PRO 01
116 AED
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Theory I Enamored
Sultry Muse Palette
Theory II Minx
Neutral Mattes
Theory II Ablaze
Golden Hour Palette
04 Dark Mattes
highlighter and sculpt palette
Glow Intense Highlighter
Theory I Cashmere Palette

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